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Teacher-Coach Cover Letter

ഀ This applicant not only had teaching and coaching experience, but also was a professional carpenter.ഀ The third paragraph calls attention to his "unique blend" of diversified experience andഀ maturity.ഀ

Sample Teacher-Coach Cover Letter

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1902, X Street, Madison Avenue, • Los Angeles, CA-90001 • (123) 456-7890

ഀ Taylor School District
ഀ ATT: Donald E. Sanders, Director of Personnel
ഀ Carlisle, MA 01741,
ഀ (123)-456 7890.

ഀ Dear Mr. Anderson:ഀ

ഀ I am writing in reference to an elementary or middle school teaching position in theഀ Taylor School District. I would like to be involved in extracurricular student activities as well,ഀ and I would be particularly interested in coaching in the school district where I am employed.ഀ

ഀ A complete resume outlining my education and professional background is enclosed for yourഀ review.ഀ

ഀ I am currently under contract for the 2003􀀐2004 school year at the Victory Valleyഀ Middle School as a long-term substitute in the Mathematics Department. I've also been fortunateഀ to be involved as a coach in the school's athletic program. What a rewarding experience! Moreഀ importantly, this past year has clearly defined where I belong-working with kids and making aഀ difference to their lives, both in the classroom and on the field.ഀ

ഀ As you can see in the enclosed resume, I am also a professional carpenter. I bring aഀ unique blend of experience and maturity to the classroom. It is my belief that teaching isn't justഀ about lesson plans, report cards and parent conferences. In order to capture and keep the interestഀ of students, a teacher has to be creative and interesting. I possess those qualifications, and I'mഀ eager to apply them in a permanent teaching position.ഀ

ഀ It would be my pleasure to meet with you to discuss ways in which I can contribute toഀ one of your elementary or middle schools. I will contact you in approximately a week to confirmഀ that you have received my information and that I am a viable candidate for a teaching position inഀ your district.ഀ

ഀ I sincerely appreciate your consideration and look forward to future discussions.ഀ

ഀ Sincerely,ഀ

ഀ Randy Ortanഀ ഀ ഀ ഀ