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IT Senior Technical Project Manager Resume

Why would a resume ever be four pages long? This dynamite resume illustrates why. It deserves close study. If you take the time to examine it, your effort will be rewarded with lessons in resume writing. In the profile, all the keywords are capitalized for emphasis. If you wonder why the Education section was put so near the beginning, check out the information. Someone whose undergraduate and graduate GPAs are 4.0, with an additional outstanding/highest grade in a related field, is someone to pay attention to. Take time to read the testimonials in the resume. They are more than just glowing; they make the choice between "hiring this guy" or purchasing a supercomputer a tough one. Study the use of full and center justification for variety. Note the consistent use of heavier bullets for Distinctions on pages two and three. Observe the use of boldfacing and italic to capture attention. Finally, observe the recurrent rhythm of Challenge...Response...Result...Strength on page four.

Sample IT Senior Technical Project Manager Resume

Oliver Twist
1265 Camelot Court • Millwood, NY 10569 • Cell :( 914) 555-896 •

Expert in Partnering IT with Enterprise Strategies, Operations & Goals

Ten+ years of IT management experience with world-class manufacturers and service providers. Known for exceptional technical proficiency and astute understanding of business operations / performance drivers across tech and management lines. Manage senior-level responsibilities far exceeding job titles.

Personal and business watchwords are EXCELLENCE-continuously strive for perfection; ECONOMY-seek simplicity and elegance in planning and execution; and ETHICS-demonstrate personal integrity in all endeavors. Deliver exceptional rather than expected results through strategic thinking, innovative problem-solving, and managing teams / change for performance excellence. Self-directed, disciplined, flexible, confident, and ready for new responsibilities.


Business & IT Vision, Strategy & Leadership • Departmental Operations Management • Organizational Restructure & Change Project, Performance & Budget Analysis • Project Planning & Management • Systems Development & Implementation Enterprise-Wide & Global Solutions • Applications Analysis & Development • Team Building • Internal & External Customer Service

Operating Systems • UNIX (several flavors), Windows (all versions), Linux, DOS Languages • C/C++, Perl, TCL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Visual Basic, VBA, Java, Javascript Databases • Oracle, DB2, Access, MySQL, Real-time databases Software • Business Objects Crystal Reports, MS Office, multiple other commercial packages Comprehensive IT skills / project list available upon request.

MS in Computer Integrated Manufacturing-4.00 GPA. Chatworth Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL, 1992
BE in Electronics & Communications-First Class Honors / 4.00 GPA. University of Bombay, India, 1986
Honors Diploma in Systems Management-Outstanding / Highest Grade. NIIT, Bombay, India, 1987


"Visionary, creative, out-of-box thinker; exhibits professionalism in the face of adversity; decisive when faced with chaos and uncertainty; [demonstrates] self-initiative." Director of IT • "Ramjeet has the ability to understand very complex technical issues and communicate them in an appropriate level of detail to whatever audience he is facing." Director IT Planning

Business • Get It Right the First Time

Invest appropriate time to fact-finding and planning. Dare to risk, act decisively with full-throttle effort into execution, and tenaciously move forward and achieve objectives, despite constraints and obstacles. Example: Independently authored and delivered technology presentations to staff and management to improve lagging knowledge of IT staff and allow CIO to forge ahead with new technology initiatives.

Technology • Practice Pragmatic Application of Relevant Technology

Look to technology as first-line option / solution for enhancing operational performance, increasing productivity, improving efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, reducing errors, and solving problems. Example: Improved performance of reporting from new GL system by identifying and addressing system bottlenecks.

Project Management • Take a Big-Picture View

Create plan that fits scope; define and clearly articulate project goals and milestones (stretch, yet realistic); assemble, coach, manage, and motivate team; intervene to resolve technical and business issues using problem-solving skills that are second to none. Example: Brought stalled project on track within two weeks by setting / communicating clear vision, goals, and milestones.

Leadership • Interact, Motivate, Lead by Example

Combine technical knowledge / proficiency with unique ability to identify / leverage individual strengths of team members, truthfully deliver good / bad news, avoid / mediate conflicts, encourage communication / cooperation, and inspire / lead professionally, functionally, and culturally diverse individuals / groups. Example: Negotiated with feuding teams to resolve issue hindering completion of PVCS systems implementation. Agreement enabled department to become more organized around change-management and change-audit efforts.



A division of AmerUs, an $18.3 billion holding company, ULICO develops, markets, and services a full line of life insurance and annuity products to consumer and business customers. Employs 1,200 in offices in Illinois, Missouri, Ohio, and New York.


Direct accountability for managing IT projects (conversions, installations, integrations, upgrades) and providing systems / technical support to four operating locations and 1,200 users.

Provide technical / managerial oversight (design, development, implementation, evaluation) to multiple intra- and intercompany projects and initiatives of strategic and tactical importance-business and financial reporting solutions; data warehouse and data marts; and Web-based applications for internal and external customers.


  • "Always the right man for the job." CIO-Universal Life Insurance Company
  • "He would be a candidate to run any business unit or department [demonstrates] analytical and organizational skills, accountability, intelligence, customer focus, and leadership." Current supervisor
  • "In the top 5% of the company. One of the most talented individuals I have had the pleasure to work with." Former supervisor
  • Recognized as the go-to for attacking and solving complex technology issues.
  • Retained and given additional responsibility / authority in post-merger downsizing staff in IT department from 65 to 30.

Business & Leadership Contributions

  • Participate in enterprise-level IT strategy and department-level operations management. As internal IT consultant / advisor, interface routinely with top-tier corporate executives and senior department managers across all functional lines.
  • Recommended and / or implemented high-impact initiatives for measuring, tracking, and improving productivity, business matrix, systems performance / data quality indicators, and product management / progress.
  • Led training sessions on basics of Web servers and TCP / IP technology to members of IT department, enabling CIO to move forward with new technology initiatives.
  • Credited with personal contributions to effecting enterprise-wide culture change, upgrading the technical competency of IT department personnel, opening channels of communication, and fostering cooperation among internal departments.

IT Projects & Results

  • Multiple-Phase Financial Reporting Project-Succeeded in bringing lagging project back on track within four weeks. Restaffed project; worked with client to redefine requirements; renewed sense of urgency; and provided strong, decisive, technically astute leadership. (Project Manager and Team Lead)
  • Web-based Project Tracking Solution-Contributed technical expertise, innovation, and conceptualization of key business drivers to design, development, and implementation of IT solution providing instant / near real-time access to project information / status to internal and external customers. (Architect)
  • Enterprise Sales Reporting-Managed recommendation, development, and implementation of data warehousing technologies for standardized and consolidated sales reporting. Provided one-stop-shop for information from multiple disparate systems as well as easy-to-use management dashboard. (Project Manager and Technical Lead)
  • Enterprise Reporting and Business Intelligence Solution-Managed and coordinated enterprise-wide deployment of a standard corporate reporting and information-presentation solution. Coordinated activities of multiple team members and external consultants. Provided leadership and expertise for technical issues. (Project Manager and Lead Architect)

AUTO ELECTRONICS INC., Valley Stream, MO 1992 to 1999

Division of $26 billion company, Genius AutoSystems, originally formed by joining former major parts divisions. World's largest manufacturer and global distributor of automotive components, modules, fully integrated systems, and aftermarket replacement parts.

SENIOR PROJECT ENGINEER, Factory Information Systems Group (FIS)-led team of three engineers
LEADER, Manufacturing Technology Team-led team of 12 global representatives

Technical lead for newly formed department providing critical IT solutions / operational support for all manufacturing tracking and monitoring requirements. Reported directly to manager of FIS, indirectly to director of manufacturing engineering. Led teams in design, development, and implementation of IT solutions. Managed related functions / project cycles-staffing and training, resource planning / allocation, cost / progress analysis, on-floor testing and troubleshooting, technical and business problem-solving.


  • "Give the task to accomplish [and] Ramjeet will quickly and efficiently assess the situation; make recommendations; marshal resources; and lead the effort by directing both business and technical resources." Supervisor
  • "Ramjeet has more breadth of perspective than most engineers or managers." Senior Engineer
  • Earned numerous "Lightning Awards" for vision, innovation, and personal performance excellence.
  • Chosen to lead global Manufacturing Technology Team (MTT). Traveled worldwide to conduct training and lead presentations on topics related to technology's role / value in high-performance manufacturing.

Business & Leadership Contributions

  • Successfully lobbied for the formation of Factory Information Systems Group to replace outside systems vendor and expensive, ineffective applications. Played principal role in evolving department to become critical manufacturing partner.
  • Led MTT meetings-cross-departmental, cross-functional, trans-global team of 12 involved in enterprise-wide IT strategies, projects, and solutions for the production floor.
  • Served as internal IT consultant, advisor, and front-line point of contact to stakeholders-senior management, manufacturing managers, key department heads, union representatives-in multiple global operational locations.

IT Projects & Results

  • Factory Information System-Conceived and built proof of concept / prototype, and won consensus / approval for IT specifications and business matrix. Developed and positioned $200,000 project for 80-site global deployment and provided ongoing system support / improvement through MTT.
  • In-sourcing of FIS-Facilitated $60 million to $80 million cost saving by recommending bringing project in-house, redefining IT strategy / specifications, and providing strong technical and managerial leadership throughout project cycle.
  • Web-based Equipment & Manufacturing Management Solution-Improved ability to monitor remote manufacturing equipment. Co-developed and built versatile Web-based front-ends, enabling management of manufacturing lines from any location, without need for specialized access software.

NPG GROUP, Bombay, India 1991

$149 million market leader in manufacture of industrial yarn and fabric and refrigerant gases-2,500 employees and operations in 14 locations throughout India, UAE, and US.

ASSISTANT MANAGER-Management Services Department

Assisted in management, systems operation, and supervision of 12 programming / technical support staff. Developed / implemented PERQS monitoring system within six weeks of hire. Designed, developed, and deployed methods-time ordering / product information. Reengineered and streamlined business / reporting processes.


$790 million diversified enterprise-manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of wide range of durable consumer goods and industrial products in global markets.


Provided field support for CAD / CAM workstations, pre-sale technical support, post-sale hardware / software installation, and onsite and remote UNIX systems administration. Reduced time to connect machines to computers from 6-10 weeks to less than 2 hours. Assumed role of liaison to technology R&D teams. Provided client training.


Expert in Partnering IT with Enterprise Strategies, Operations, & Goals

Developed and delivered system that allowed company to manufacture new and profitable high-tech product. As Project Engineer, Auto Electronics Systems, challenged to create new manufacturing data collection system and update / implement more functional companion systems. Researched, designed, and built proof-of-concept system. Worked with management to restore control of this initiative back internally (away from old system's outside vendor). Led team to write SOW and perform evaluation / bidding effort.


State-of-the-art system is now in use in more than 80 global manufacturing sites, providing effective and standardized means to control, gather, and process data from the shop floor (product would have been extremely difficult, if not impossible, to build without functions of this system). System provided company with data gathering / archiving abilities as required by regulatory agencies.


"I deliver cost-effective, functional systems and develop the team and business processes to enable the global deployment of these systems."

Revitalized stalled mission-critical project.

As Project Manager, Universal Life, challenged to revitalize stalled project providing standardized way of supplying financial, accounting, and statutory reporting from company's new general ledger system. Reviewed client needs and team skill sets, and made staffing changes. Set up a formal project plan and assigned priorities. Provided technology assistance where required.


The project was back on track and delivering high-quality reports to a happy client. Without this, the GL system would not have gone live, forcing enterprise to rely on previous-generation GL systems at much greater costs.


"I understand and comprehend difficult situations, build and rally a team around a problem, and provide superior technical and project management to achieve tangible results."

Standardized data gathering into a universal, cost-effective, and accurate reporting tool.

As Project Manager, Universal Life, challenged to implement new version of reporting tool while previous generation still ran live in production. In addition, solved multiple problems in data integrity. Brought together team of DBAs, data administrators, consultants, and end-users; developed project plan; and managed execution. Installed new version within five weeks with little user disturbance. Implemented Web-based tools to provide less complex user interface. Developed training plans to ensure success.


Project has been adopted as the corporate reporting standard for the enterprise (post-merger). New version allows for easier reporting, simpler maintenance of the infrastructure, and saving licensing / maintenance costs.


"I focus on business drivers and strive to provide the most effective and simple solution that can be standardized across the enterprise."

Developed customer solution on personal initiative, directly leading to new contracts.

As Senior Service Officer, Siddiqui Manufacturing, took on personal challenge to resolve longstanding parametric software / training issue causing customer to work harder and longer to send designs out the door. Worked on program from home, on own time, to deliver solution, and implemented at customer's site during a regular service call.


Customer was ecstatic that two-year problem was finally resolved and a parametric design now took 80% less time to execute. As a direct result, he renewed annual contract and within six months bought two more licenses.


"I look to customer satisfaction as a business driver and strive to provide outstanding service and support to both internal and external customers."

Built global consensus for crucial manufacturing enterprise system.

As Leader, Manufacturing Technology Team, Auto Electronics Systems, challenged to adopt a badly needed enterprise statement-of-work (SOW) for factory information systems (FIS) across all global sites. Organized virtual and on-site global team meetings (traveled to USA, Europe, Mexico), leading team to consensus on final version.


Standard FIS platform was adopted and evaluation / bid effort using this SOW was conducted. Company realized substantial savings in cost avoidance and implementation delays due to adoption of a common global standard.


"Using initiative, team leadership, presentation, and persuasion skills, I build consensus and deliver costeffective business benefits, keeping IT a value-add rather than a revenue drain."

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