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Clinical Coordinator Resume

The applicant was "a consultant with vast experience in technology and project management to a number of diverse sectors, including healthcare." He believed that over many years as a consultant to the healthcare/medical sectors, he had gained enough knowledge to run a hospital. This resume targets the skills important for a hospital CEO and plays down the individual's technology background. Therefore, most of the resume is a functional resume for a CEO; the Employment Chronology section is about technology. Note the use of boldface in the Executive Performance and Employment Chronology sections to call attention to the names of workplaces and significant achievements. The left column is used effectively to display performance subcategories, workplaces, and explanations in italic.

Sample Clinical Coordinator Resume

Arnold Den
64, East 6 Street, • Lewistown, Montana, 03278, • (194)-465 0217

Senior Executive Healthcare / Medical


Results-focused senior executive offering 20 years of experience positioning hospitals and healthcare facilities for growth, increased shareholder value, and refined business infrastructure. Acknowledged for capacity to build consensus and drive solutions that meet short-, medium-, and long-term goals. Communicative, energetic style coupled with strategic vision has transformed multimillion-dollar losses to strong profit performances in months, while projects under personal direction have won national awards for innovation. Expert in restoring profitability, assessing potential acquisitions, devising case-management programs, and managing sensitive cultural change integrations that challenge the status quo, yet win the unqualified support of key stakeholders and staff.

Areas of Expertise

  • Organizational/Cultural Change
  • Process Reengineering
  • Business Analysis/Management
  • Business Development
  • Executive Presentations & Negotiations
  • Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Clinical Process Revitalization
  • Healthcare Management/Operations
  • Quality Healthcare Delivery
  • Strategic Planning & Market Expansion
  • Case Management Solutions
  • Communications/Success Recognition
  • Tendering Processes
  • Due Diligence Research & Recommendations
  • Hospital Business Administration
  • Healthcare Industry Best Practice
  • Executive Performance Executed comprehensive change-management program for Christian Church
    Community Care-a not-for-profit organization that had experienced significant
    growth, yet remained stagnant in terms of processes and service delivery protocols.
    Incrementally introduced new philosophies and methods that automated routine tasks,
    Change Management cut inefficiencies, and slashed costs-winning the support of key stakeholders via stepby-
    step communication programs encouraging problem "ownership."
    Cut administration errors by up to 15% and elevated direct nursing care by 200%
    through reduced reliance on administrative follow-up.
    Program delivered return on $255K investment within 15 months,
    outstripping all board expectations.

    Case Management Spearheaded revitalized case management practices across New Zealand for the
    Workplace Compensation Enterprise as part of a $100M collaborative initiative to
    arrest escalating claims costs and introduce holistic infrastructure change. Project
    managed $880K bid against aggressive competition and presided over a team of 8 to
    design, develop, and commission an organizational-change project contributing $37.5M
    per annum in savings.

    Against a backdrop of intense media and public scrutiny, created transparent and
    accountable work practices and regularly briefed the CEO to convey expected
    healthcare service improvements across New Zealand. Curtailed lead times, elevated
    customer service delivery, cut paperwork, employed dedicated caseworkers for each case,
    introduced recuperation plan negotiations, and reduced rehabilitation, compensation, and tail costs.

    Due Diligence Enhanced salability of business unit, conducting all due diligence work on behalf of
    WorkComp. Examined products, internal processes, liquidity, debt position, markets,
    demand and supply capabilities, competitors, management, and skill retention post-sale.
    Board fully embraced all product and service recommendations.

    Executive Performance

    Efficiency Improvements

      Inadequate systems, procedures, and controls were the key challenges faced by Hatchett Mitch Pathology. Produced a complete suite of recommendations to refine workflows and internal controls, and revamp business methods. Pruned costs and delivered 10% improvement in operational and customer service efficiencies.

    Cost Savings & Revenue Growth

      Revealed numerous cost-saving and revenue growth opportunities to principals of The Princeton Hospital. Worked in partnership to deliver a long-term business/growth strategy, formalize information and clinical management, and optimize financial operations. Recommended methods to enforce compliance to debt collections, assume a stronger commercial stance, restructure divisions to prune budget expenditures, introduce technology enhancements, and review clinical management processes. Recommendations accepted and implemented across the board, resulting in reduction in days' accounts outstanding from 90+ days to 9. "Payment on Discharge" recommendation tripled cash flows and slashed cost of debt by $200K per annum.

    Tender Evaluation

      Countered public concerns over the integrity of Burswood Health's tender process in awarding the multimillion-dollar GADHH software project. Under "impossible" deadlines and a zero-tolerance error environment, meticulously re-evaluated assessment processes, tenders, and the veracity of solutions offered for effectively managing medical records/reports, admissions/transfers/discharges, surgery, theatre, and pharmacy management, billing, and more.

      Produced comprehensive report of findings to federal legal representatives citing minor "human error" breaches; tender was given "green light" and system implemented with no political fallout.

    Hospital Metrics Analysis

      Assessed financial health of the South East Private Hospital to leverage improved performances across all divisions at the lowest practicable cost. Analyzed all key hospital metrics that reflected desired outcomes and produced reports forecasting trends, winning management support.

    Employment Chronology


      Devised a formal value creation model for management to analyze the validity of proposed infrastructure expenditures over multiple timeframes of up to 10 years. Examined future business and technology infrastructures, and identified a need to realign perceptions and practices to reflect technology as a business "investment." United existing processes with industry best practice to create a methodology that integrated seamlessly with evolving activity-based costing initiatives and strategic goals. Model forecasted productivity savings of up to 30%, together with improved focus on technology investments and business value.


      Reported to Chairman & CEO (Monaco); Managing Director, Asia Pacific
      Projects: AUD $600K-$4 million

      Instrumental in transforming a fledgling business unit to the most prominent and successful unit in the group-despite the challenges of global downturns in technology.

      As the pivotal operations-based driver, steered complete solution development phases-from creation to market launch and project implementation. Sustained momentum, scheduling, and delivery objectives, while simultaneously building client relationships through intense communication and scrutiny of individual business strategies, objectives, and infrastructure.

      Turned around employee reluctance for merging intellectual property development and client development areas by exposing key international staff to the advantages of linking these complementary operations; devised well-received training programs conveying future vision. Relocation saved $2 million per annum, and in service delivery areas delivered 70% productivity improvement. Devised and developed corporate- and program-based activities spanning organizational management, corporate profile enhancement/creation, funding, capital raising, budgeting and planning, strategy and financial planning and execution, and business and market development.

    Business Solutions, Consulting, e-Business Divisions.


      Reported to South Pacific Director, Sydney Consulted to large corporates, healthcare/medical facilities, and government, and led team of 10 in project implementations, bids, and delivery of specialist healthcare engagements. Key catalyst in spearheading the innovative "Organizational Agility" practice that positioned the company for more responsive service delivery and allowed greater flexibility to meet market demand. Initiative prompted significant interest from the U.S.-based head office, inviting input on methods to drive cultural change.

      Consultancies/Project Scope: Business strategy formulation, process reengineering, training and education, organizational and cultural change, operational analyses, executive guidance, productivity improvements, and cost-containment programs.

    Project Highlights:

    Winner, Gold National Government Productivity Award, for contributions in boosting employee productivity as part of a $15 million office management system for the Department of County Industries.

    Reduced "tail" costs by $2 billion as part of a collaborative $100 million national business process reengineering initiative to contain spiraling litigation and accident insurance issues for the Workplace Compensation Enterprise in New Zealand.

    Consolidated myriad disparate technology systems, designing a comprehensive knowledge base for the City of Bundaberg that connected all systems for consolidated access from all areas. Cut annual running costs by 96%.

    SENIOR MANAGER 7/1989-7/1994
    Direct Reports: 12 (managers, senior consultants, consultants, support staff) Operational budget: $12 million

      Profit-and-loss accountability in this senior management role overseeing daily operations while driving tactical market plans to capture new business within premium markets. With high fees and high-quality deliverables, expectations were strong and necessitated continuous monitoring. Steered client relationship-management strategies, delegated priorities, monitored project progress, identified trends, hired consultants, appraised staff performances, and positioned the business for continued prosperity.


    Master of Business Administration, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

    Bachelor of Science. Majors: Management, Business Administration, Technology.
    Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

    Graduate Certificate in Quality, Worldwide Organization of Quality

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