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Law Enforcement Resume

Law enforcement resume or security resume should be written targeting the requirements of the position you are applying for. You need to look for the particular job openings and design your application accordingly. Analyze the needs of each job opening and include the necessary skills and other details in your law enforcement CV. You may need to write number of law enforcement resumes for different positions depending on the job requirements. Be prepared with the basic format of your CV, so that you can easily modify the details to match these requirements. Here are some basic tips for crafting your law enforcement CV.

Law Enforcement Resume

The typical job duties of a law enforcement officer includes

  • Supervising the law enforcement programs
  • Performing clerical and assistant administrative duties in support to the establishment of these programs
  • Undertaking crisis management programs
  • Handling traffic operation
  • Defense representation
  • Security

In addition to these job duties, their work must reflect the knowledge of specific law enforcement programs and procedures. Your application should reflect your excellent communication and interpersonal skills. It must also highlight your analytical skills and illustrate your aptitude for developing new skills and implementing them.

The best way to write an impressive enforcement resume is to target your job objective statement and related keywords from your previous job to match the requirements of the prospective job opening. There are variety of resume templates to help you with this. You can refer to the resume template for designing your CV. Your enforcement CV should give a clear idea of your skills and work history to the reader and develop interest for reading the entire details.

Resume Writing

Once you have decided on including the details in your CV, make sure to include the job specific keywords to attract more employers. When a reader scans your CV, he/she will be looking for these jobs related keywords. Having these power words in your CV will help you in getting noticed. Do not write the content of your CV in a descriptive format. It is always better to break down the content in blocks. The important components of law enforcement resume are as follows:

Objective Statement

When writing an objective statement, clearly state the job profile you are looking for and mention your major skills and qualifications that make you suitable for that profile. For law enforcement positions, you can discuss your previous work in this field and explain the skills gained through your experience.

Career Achievements

Any major career achievements of appreciation from your previous employers can be listed in this part of your application. This is an important asset for your legal resume and it will prove as your additional qualification.

Work History

Work history is an important section in any job application. Your work history will determine your talent and capabilities and hence it is important to present these details carefully in your CV. In this section, you can mention the name of the organization you were working for as a law enforcement officer and give the responsibilities you handled during your employment. This section in the CV of experienced personnel would look like:

Designation (Law Enforcement Personnel)

Company/ Government Service, Years of Employment

  • ..
  • ..


For law enforcement positions, you can list the academic details in a tabulated format. Resumes for these positions should focus on the work history. Education details are also an important part but it is not necessary to emphasize on listing your educational credentials. However, you have to specifically mention any certification or training related to the prospective law enforcement positions.

Key Skills

It is equally important to list the job specific skills in your CV. Here is the list of some important skills for law enforcement positions.

  • Computer literacy
  • Language competency
  • Leadership skills
  • Community involvement
  • Knowledge of administrative and clerical work
  • Familiar with the law enforcement policies and procedures
  • Strong analytical skills

Your law enforcement resume must be eye catching and appealing. It must provide the necessary information in an effective way. Resume templates can help you greatly in your resume writing for these positions. Look for the appropriate template and write a winning CV for the desired position. With such CV, you can surely make a winning impact on the hiring managers.

Following are the list of law enforcement resumes:

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  2. Lieutenant, Detective Division Resume
  3. Patrol Supervisor, U.S. Air Force Resume
  4. Receptionist Resume
  5. Senior Parole Officer Resume

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