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Law resume should reflect your knowledge about the field of law. It should get you noticed from the crowd and hence, it is exceptionally important to target your resume exactly to the position you are applying for. As a lawyer, you will be mainly responsible for handling the important know all documentation of any organization and the legal agreements and contracts. As a lawyer, you must have in-depth knowledge about the field and the associated legal terms and proceedings. When applying for any such position in any firm, you will need a law resume highlighting your strengths in the field and emphasizing on your major job related skills. Here are some resume writing tips for designing your law resume.

Job Description

Working in the field of law, you will have to handle different job responsibilities. Some of the major job duties of a lawyer are as follows:

  • Provide legal advice to clients
  • Conduct criminal and civil proceedings
  • Interview the clients and witnesses to understand the case and collect evidences by conducting research
  • Develop the strategy and arguments for the legal proceeding
  • Represent the client in court or before the administrative agencies of government
  • Prepare the business contracts, solve labor disputes, and manage other legal hassles

There are some of the major job duties of a professional lawyer. There are many other tasks handled by them apart from these job duties. When you are applying for this position, make sure that you are comfortable handling all these complex responsibilities. Law resume is not different from any other job application. The major components of your law resume are career objective, work history, education, strengths, etc. Depending on the organization you are applying for and the type of work you will be performing, you can customize your legal resume to get noticed by the hiring managers.

Law Resume

Working as a business attorney, you will have to interact with a number of people. Your application must reflect your good interpersonal and communication talent. This is an important skill for working as a professional lawyer. Other skills necessary for working in the field of law are as follows:

  • Ability to develop rapport with the client
  • Reliability
  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving attitude
  • Ability to work under pressure and meeting timely deadlines
  • Decision making

Your past work experience plays a key role in getting you the desired job position. When you are listing it in your CV, be specific and accurate in providing your past work details. Do not provide any vague information about your previous job profile and state all your major achievements throughout your career.

Legal Resume Writing

Here you will know how a resume for the legal positions has to be written. The general format of the resume remains more or less similar to any other resume. You can choose any format for presenting the information in your CV. The keywords you include will be different depending on the legal job you are applying for. Know the job specific keywords and include them accordingly in your CV. Many times, employer will provide the list of job specific keywords in the job posting itself. Go through the advertisement carefully and see if you find this list. Keywords may be the specific skill set of your job related qualification that hiring managers are looking for in your CV. Initial research about the job profile will help you in knowing these keywords.

Research involves understanding of the requirements of the recruiter and knowing about the organization you are applying in. Appropriate research will help you add some important points in your CV.

Working as an attorney, you must have excellent communication as well as written skills. You will have to draft numerous legal documents and notices. You must be aware of all such documentation and possess strong written skills.

In your resume, it is t important to discuss the cases you handled in the past.Employer will judge you based on the complexity of the case and how effectively you handled it.

Apart from these tips, you can also go through resume examples. Legal resume sample will provide you a clear idea of writing application for such positions. Resume template is also another good option for you to write law resumes.

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