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While applying for any job post, writing a cover letter along with a resume is a must. Whether you apply for the post of HR manager or a graphic designer, your cover letter needs to follow all the basic ethics. It should look precise, formal and to the point. Make sure that your letter is addressed to a particular person, is written in a formal, business like format and is not a replica of your resume. You can use bullets where you want to highlight a few points; it may be your skills, creative elements, talents or experience. The only thing which differs in each cover letter is your required skills for a particular job post. For example: In case of an aviation cover letter expressing your creativity and artistic values won't be helpful as this field demands technical knowledge and flexibility to work in any shift.

Although cover letters are written by using the same technique, still there are a few alterations that vary as per the job post. If you are applying for a job post in aviation sector, still your skills will vary as per the requirement, since this field comprises of technical as well as non technical job posts. While writing an aviation cover letter, your aim should be grabbing the attention of the recruiters towards your resume. It is therefore essential that you have a professional looking, strong cover letter that efficiently highlights yours talents, experiences, and skills. It should carry all the required elements that will prove your professionalism and expertise at one glance.

Step by Step approach to write an aviation cover letter

  1. Initiate your cover with addressing the receiver. Similar to a formal letter, a job cover letter should begin with name, date, subject and address and should address the airlines recruiting in-charge instead of writing " to whom it may concern." This shows your attentiveness and effort to search the name of the airline's corporate officer who is going to conduct your interview.

  2. If you are applying through the reference of an employee who is already working with the company, this is right time to namedrop. This person should be someone who has contacts and a good rapport with the recruiter or HR Manager. A good example is a management personnel or a senior captain. If you don't have any references, then tailor the sentence addressing the particular airline you are targeting for employment.

  3. Following this information, you need to express how you could prove a good candidate for the job post. Explain how your experiences and skills are helpful and suitable for their requirement. Carry out some additional research to know more about the company. You can write your knowledge about the company in such a way that it will show your interest and activeness. Try to keep your statements short and restrict to not more than three sentences in the objective. Remember that lengthy sentences take away the attention of the reader.

  4. It's time to highlight your qualifications. Write them in a bulleted format (you can copy and paste this from the resume) and ensure that your qualifications are enough to apply for the job post. This section will stand out in your aviation cover letter and thus work towards drawing the attention of the recruiter. Keep it short and avoid using more than seven bullets.

  5. Your conclusion should involve additional details that are related to your talents which are required for this job post. This can be related to good communication skills, professional image etc. End up your letter with a sentence that you are looking forward with a prospect for an interview.

  6. Follow the general formal letter closing format. Finally, proof read and spell check before sending it. Envelop your resume along with the cover letter but do not attach together. If possible print your name directly on the envelope or use a professional looking label, a handwritten address on the envelop may look quite messy.

Your aviation cover letter should work as a good start for your job hunt in the aviation sector. This is a mini resume, where you get a scope to express your skills, talents and experiences to get employed.

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