Resume Cover Letter

Resume Cover Letter

Whether you send your resume through mail, drop in at the office or sent it by fax, resume cover letter is essential. Cover letter is a key factor that aids you to grab attention of the prospective recruiter. It contributes to set your first impression in front of the employer. This works as an supplement to depict your additional information which is not mentioned in your resume. Accompanying your resume with an cover letter is a media to highlight a few significant details that you can hardly mention in your resume.

Always keep in mind that attaching a cover letter for resume is the way to introduce you and tell what you can do for your potential employer.

Tips to Write Best Cover Letter

Cover letter is intended to ask for an interview. After reading this letter, the employer will decide whether they want to peep into your resume and know more about you. Remember that a cover letter should be brief and to the point. Writing best job cover letter is not difficult if you follow a few simple tips:

  • Sole intention of a cover letter is to divert the employer to look at your resume. Mostly, it is as significant as the resume. Hence, if it is written poorly, you may lose a potential job opportunity.
  • Almost in all cases, your resume should accompany a cover letter. This is a basic element in business etiquette and if you fail to do so, you may look clueless. As a thumb rule, unless instructed particularly to NOT attach a job letter, it is considered to be expected.
  • Begin your letter with a basic greeting and the profile you are applying. Keep it precise and short ( not more than 2 lines).
  • Being creative and unique is essential, as a ready-made cover letter roars laziness. Do you want to make such a impression on your prospective employer? Tailor different letter for each company which describes what drew you to that particular organization.
  • Avoid replicating your resume into the cover letter as it is a media to just show your additional details that cannot be mentioned into a standard format of the resume. You can mention why you are interested to work with the particular organization.
  • Your letter should be person specific, so, do not generalize it by saying " Dear Sir / Madam or "To whom it may Concern". Mention the name of the associated person.
  • The second paragraph should describe your qualification along with the reason, why you opted to work with that particular organization.
  • Wind up the letter by announcing your interest in hearing their response soon and thank them for their precious time.

What to include in a job letter?

  • A single page letter is sufficient for providing additional information. Be succinct.
  • Try to tailor different letter for various job opportunities. Demonstrating some knowledge of the organization you are applying for will make a good impact.
  • Try to access employer's requirement and your skills. Relate them in such a way that it appeals the interest of the employer.
  • Depict some personality, but gimmicky, hard-sell or unorthodox letter.
  • Write in a mature style which is clear and to the point; avoid intricate, long sentences and paragraphs. Use active voice and action verbs; convey optimism,confidence, professionalism, respect coupled with enthusiasm.
  • Organize paragraphs and arrange the points systematically and logically.

How to systematize a cover letter?

You can prefer the following sequence in your letter.

Opening paragraph

Mention the reason for writing letter. Introduce yourself in brief and why you applied into this particular organization. Specify your qualification as well.

Second and third paragraph

Highlight a few salient points mentioned in your resume. Try to raise the reader's curiosity by enclosing points that are certainly significant for the job post you are looking for. Mention your education,experience and how you can contribute for the growth of the company.

Closing paragraph

Politely thank the employer for their time and request to line up interview as per their convenience. Thanks the reader or employer for their consideration and mention that you are looking forward to get their positive response.

Consider all these points while writing a job cover letter. This way you will definitely enhance your possibilities of making a good impression thus increasing your possibilities of getting selected.

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