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Architecture Cover Letter

Architecture is a field that revolves around design concepts, use of software, employing innovative and creative ideas. Inclusion of your educational qualification, architectural experience and software experience in your architecture cover letter is essential to get a good job post in your desired architecture organization.

Each resume or CV that you send to the prospective employer should be accompanied with a cover letter. This is an additional document which introduces you to the recruiter before he encounters your resume. This piece of paper decides whether your resume will get noticed or it will move into the trash leaving you jobless, so drafting an impressive job cover letter is significant. This letter works as an introduction which describes your skills, talents, why you want to be a part of the organization and how you will prove beneficial for the growth of the organization. Make sure that you are not duplicating your CV in the cover letter. In order to make it different from your resume highlight a few things that you cannot mention in your resume as it may spoil the standard format of the resume.

How to write a cover letter for architecture job?

An architecture cover letter may involve a portfolio of your work, as this is something that is requested during your interview. Writing a brief synopsis of your portfolio can also be helpful to add interest to your cover letter. You can demonstrate your work and previous experience to let them know how you will prove an ideal candidate who would ensure continued progress of the organization you are applying to. Draft a different cover letter for each employer and position where you are looking forward for an interview. Perform research on each organization you are planning to apply for. This research will help you collect enough data about the institution along with the names of specific personnel that will review your skills and expertise through the application.

Address the letter to the interview in-charge or the one who will read your cover letter and resume. This will create a personal touch to your cover letter and basically let the employer know that you have taken good efforts to carry out background research. In the first paragraph of the letter, give your brief introduction and mention the job post you are applying for. Body of the letter should specify your salient skills that are pertinent to the architecture job post.

Tips To Write Architecture Cover Letter

There are few elements highlighting which in your cover letter will do wonders for you.

Creative Skills:

This quality is always appreciated and works as a plus point for the architectural job post. Discovering new techniques that can be applied in your projects will be an asset.

Attention to details:

Architecture field requires excellent attention to detail. Your cover letter is the right platform for you to discuss your attention skills and how they can benefit the organization. You can use examples to place your point.

Communication skills:

This talent is required in each job sector. Being an architect is not limited to determining angles and drawing plans, but it also involves working with different individuals and business personnel to discuss their ideas and create them in reality. You can express your communication skills and how they will reinforce in the progression of the institution. Discuss your presentation skills that will prove helpful while executing any curriculum plans.

Team spirit:

While working together on one project, collaboration and communication is required. Working in any particular field involves knowledge and capability to overcome any issue. Be prepared to demonstrate your past work experiences, completed projects and personal background. Explain your efforts and projects that describe your team spirit. Demonstrate how you performed as an efficient team player and what the positive outcomes of this collaboration were; discuss your capability of creating teamwork mentality among the team. This element is always required when a team is working to create an up-to-date curriculum.


Being a good team player, you need to be more focused and competent towards your target. Demonstrate your competence and ability to resolve problems effortlessly.

Closing paragraph of your letter should reflect a direct and professional approach. Place a sentence at the end that indicates thanks to the reader for investing time to review your cover letter. Inform them that you are looking forward for a scheduled interview. This will show your confidence and interest to work with the organization. In this way you can conclude you Architecture Cover Letter . Considering all the mentioned points in your cover letter will help you enhance your prospects of getting selected.

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