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A perfect IT resume is a sure job winner in the growing IT industry. There are hundreds like you who want to be the next Bill Gates or the next Steve Jobs. The perfect IT resume can get you closer to your dreams.

The Tie Breaker IT Resume: Millions today have left their hereditary professions, their previous jobs and industries after listening to the success stories of IT professionals on every corner. Obviously, these millions would compete for every IT job in the future. The IT industry may go through its booms and busts but its here to stay! Now, if you too want your share of the pie amidst this heavy competition, be ready to put hours of effort in creating your resume.

The tie breaker resume amongst the best in the race should not be just good but it should be great. Why? You may have years of experience, you may have years of education, but your IT resume would be the only thing that would put the spotlight on you. Its your first point of contact with IT recruiters. A little practice, a little logic, a little creativity and above all a lot of effort can help you get noticed.

The Creative Approach: Most probably your resume would be amongst the hundreds that arrive each day on a IT HRs desk. The only way he is going to notice it is when it's 'different' yet manages to give clear and concise information about you, the perfect IT guy.

Being creative is one thing but creating a alien themed or graffiti style IT resume would probably make the recruiter think that you are bonkers! Leave that sort of creativity for your online resume on that animated and flashy website.

By being creative here means putting the information in a simple elegant and concise manner thats strikes visibly and is easily readable. Most importantly, it should highlight your best skills as an IT Professional and make the recruiter realize, hey this the guy for this crucial position . Remember, most experienced IT recruiters would probably give a cursory glance on your resume and easily make out, whether you are suitable for the job or not. In those few seconds, the recruiter or the HR must feel compelled to read the resume in detail and understand why you are the best. Do have a look at the sample IT professional resumes presented here to understand how you create an impactful and eye-catching resume.

The 'IT' Profile: Your overtimes, your expensive education, the tough skills you acquired are meant to be fruitful. Your resume can do that for you. Whether you are a fresher or experienced IT manager, an IT project consultant or a developer waiting for that break, you must create a resume that brings out the best in you. Start off by writing down your IT career goals and objectives on a piece of paper. Jot down where and how your education and experience has brought you till date. Note down your best experiences and the toughest challenges you faced in your career or college life. You can put up this information to create a relevant resume that's aligned with your career goals.

The IT Objective: That you want to be an IT evangelist of the century is of no concern to most companies who just need the right IT guy to do their development. Align your objectives with objectives expected for a particular positions. This means go through the job description and the company website to create a objective that's in line with the requirements as well as the needs of the company. A simple objective like ' I want to contribute to building better and simpler software by being a Senior Developer, using my experience and skills as Java Developer' would be more relevant to a Senior Developer profile.

Capitalizing on your Experience: Freshers are always confused as to what experience they can show when they haven't even had their first IT job. Your experience in college projects, in internship and training periods, any peculiar software competitions and forums you lead, comes in handy on your newbie resume.

Experienced IT professionals must mention their client and project details. The project description should be short. What matters here is what was your contribution to the project . Simple lines such as 'Contributed to improving documentation and reporting' matter more than how big the project was. If you were a Senior IT Developer or Consultant, mention the details of the team size.

Rolling On: Don't make the mistake of writing pages and pages of your roles and responsibilities. A little summary of your role and responsibilities in your previous capacity as IT developer or technician matters more. Use simple short bulleted lists to describe your role and the responsibilities you handled.

Don't mention unnecessary information. You leading the Ice Hockey team is irrelevant information in this section. But you handled 'task scheduling for juniors' is more relevant.

If you have the good habit of keeping a diary of your daily work, pore through it. Sometimes, we miss out on crucial tasks that we did but the world doesn't know. Mention such stuff.

Your Knowledge Matters: Your education, no matter how low grades you got, works in your favor. Even if you got low grades, mention any special academic achievements. Those courses in C, Java,.NET show that you are serious about your career. Besides a usual table of your educational qualifications, mention any such IT course you have done.

IT industry looks for professional certifications from top IT companies. If you have certifications in Development from Microsoft, RED HAT, SUN, CISCO, use them to leverage a better IT profile for yourself.

Remember don't fake your knowledge. If you are well versed in a particular technology only then mention it on your resume.

Keep thinking of more creative ideas that can get you a better job. Develop a strategy which will showcase your IT Resume in the best light. Do look for more sample IT resumes here. Thumbs up for your IT job search.

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