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The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest industries and is in a constant need of employees. This industry provides a huge number of job opportunities for freshers as well as experienced candidates. Thus, candidates get a good chance of starting their career in this ever blooming field. To apply for the manufacturing industry job, one has to prepare a strong resume that can help him or her to gain this dream job and give a kick start to their career. While writing the manufacturing resume, candidates often make small mistakes that reduce their chances of getting selected. Thus, preparing a perfect resume is a must while applying for a manufacturing job.

While writing a manufacturing resume, one must first decide the job position they are applying for and get adequate knowledge about that field. Following are some of the available job position in the manufacturing field:

  • Factory Workers: They are responsible for cleaning equipments, feeding materials into machines, loading and unloading materials, marking products, observing equipments, and detecting any malfunctions.

  • Production Engineer: The production engineer is responsible for improving the engineering products. It also includes designing, marketing and sales of the products. The production engineer is also responsible for preparing documentations for new products and provide training to marketing and sales personnels.

  • Operations Manager: This is one of the most important job profiles in any organization. An operations manager is responsible for maintaining a work environment, set rules and regulations, manage budgets, take various decisions, and recruit employees.

  • Heavy Equipment Operators: These operators handle large machines like the asphalt spreaders, steamrollers, bucket trucks, tamping equipments, pile drivers, cranes, etc.

  • Manufacturing Supervisors: They are responsible for setting up the production schedule. He is also responsible for training the new employees, evaluating the performance of workers, reducing the scrap and increasing the productivity. He also looks into the budgets of production, generating reports for the upper staff, and employee safety measures.

The adequate knowledge about the job position will help you to draft a perfect resume by making use of action words that resemble your job.

While drafting a manufacturing resume one must also get knowledge of various skills required for the particular job. Possessing and writing these key skills in the resume will create a good impression on the interviewer and increase your chances of getting selected. Following are some of the key skills required for the manufacturing job:

  • Contract Manufacturing including electro mechanical parts, metal parts, sheet metal parts, plastic parts, machined parts, etc.
  • Sourcing of system components such as electrical parts including PCB's, chips, switches, connectors, cables, etc.
  • Assembly operations which include PCB assembly, cabling, routing, wiring, building complete assemblies, etc.
  • In-house capabilities such as packing materials, plastic, specialized assembly requirements
  • Designing and developing mechanical and electrical components

The key skills usually change according to the job profile you are applying for. Having an experience of manufacturing is one of the most beneficial aspects for gaining a manufacturing job. Writing the work experience in a resume help the interviewer understand your experience thus increasing your chances of getting selected. Following are some of the most effective sections that should be included in your manufacturing resume:

  • Personal Details: This section in a manufacturing resume will display your personal information which includes name, address, contact details, and your email. This section is important because it helps the employer in contacting you for any further hiring procedures.

  • Career Objectives: This section specifies the job profile for which you are applying. It must also describe your further career plans in brief and must not exceed more than two to three sentences. A career objective for a manufacturing job can be as follows:

    "To obtain a position of operations manager in your organization where I can expand and utilize my experience for the further progress and smooth functioning of the company."

  • Educational Qualification: This is an other important field in a manufacturing resume and helps the employer to decide your eligibility for the job you have applied. The educational qualification section may also include any certifications courses completed by you.

  • Key Skills: This sections helps you to describe your potentials to the employer. Writing the key strengths related to the applied job profile help you to impress the employer and make him realize that you have ample knowledge and experience of the applied field.

  • Work Experience: The work experience section in a manufacturing resume will definitely help you in acquiring the applied job. The employers always prefer experienced workers in the manufacturing industry. Thus, specifying your experience in your resume will definitely increase your chances of getting selected.

The above sections will help you to give a detailed information about yourself to the employer. Drafting this sections perfectly will further increase your chances of getting selected.

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