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Customer service resume speaks for the breed of customer service executives who probably are looked down upon by people but who are the most important wheels of all industries. Whether you worked in the back office of a small ticketing company or worked with a major BPO, its time you got your dues. Be ready to put up the perfect customer service resume to earn what you deserve.

Time to Object: Customer service executives, call process executives, team leaders in BPOs, all are on the line of fire every minute. Be it clients and customers calling in from every corner of the world or the manager waiting to grab your throat. If you are sick and tired of such work you probably wouldn't fit in on this career path.

Therefore, sit down and write your likes and dislikes about this career. Once you are sure you want to continue, start writing the correct customer service objective for yourself. This does not mean writing your long term ambitions of owning a KPO and lazing on the Hawaiian beaches someday.

Your customer service objective must align with the needs of the job description of the job that you are seeking. For instance, if you write, 'I like to deliver the best call handling experience to clients as Site Manager' would probably mean little. But if you write, 'I want use my experience as a Team Leader in team and operations handling for Site Manager position' would be more relevant as you are expected to look after operations of multiple teams and processes.

Keep your objective simple, straightforward and relevant to the job description of the post you are seeking in the customer service industry. A one or two line objective is sufficient in most cases, rest you can talk out in the interview if asked.

Dial your Knowledge: As a customer service executive or a call center site manager you have received the best training. You can easily define the key processes. You can speak as easily with your client on the phone as you can with coworkers and managers. You handle paperwork with as much ease as your computer database. Convey this knowledge on your resume.

As customer service personnel, you already have enough knowledge to provide the best for any company. A little understanding of the job profile would help you write down your knowledge and skills section in the correct order. If the job profile mentions team handling knowledge as the most important requirement, ensure your bulleted list specifies this knowledge at the top.

Call your Experience: As a customer service guy you have slogged every shift. You have gained the worst and best experiences. You are probably one of those who are very good at talking your client into accepting a proposal or you are one of those who efficiently improved team targets. All you need to do is put your experience to best use.

A short experience summary on the first page of your customer service resume can interest the recruiter to read on. Your rapport with daily customers, senior personnel in your office, etc must be told. But this doesn't mean writing 'I have good rapport with my seniors'. It means writing down your experience that serves as a pointer to your good interaction skills.

A small table or newspaper style columns of your major experience compared with your post as junior or senior customer service executive can help you get the attention of the recruiter. Mention your experience in terms of company name, duration of processes or projects in bolder fonts. As always remember to keep some aces up your sleeve. You can narrate detailed experiences with clients or customers in the interview. For now keep just a few lines of experience on the resume.

Bring Out the Best: Customer service executives face challenges unlike others from any industry. You have to meet tighter deadlines, challenging moods of clients and probably need the best negotiation skills. Your skills in this field can help you get the perfect customer service position Most of the skills are already in your mind, all you need to do is to write them down in a succinct manner. A brief one or two line summary of your skills and how you applied them for a process can impress the recruiter. As always do not exaggerate. Remember here you are selling yourself as a potential candidate and not a product. Therefore, be careful of what you are advertising on your resume.

Adding Referral Points: If your resume is too lengthy, spanning more than two or three pages, avoid giving references but you can add a line like, references available on request on your cover letter or resume. On the other hand, if you are a relative fresher or have only one or two years of experience, ensure you add at least two references.

A good customer service resume can thus land you the perfect job in this industry. Do have a look at sample customer service resumes for various posts here. Here's wishing you the best job in the customer service industry.

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