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Accounting Cover Letter

You need a cover letter either to inquire about the vacancy for job in any organization or for responding to the job advertisement. Here we provide with some important guidelines for writing the cover letters - preferably the accounting cover letters. The field of accounting provides number of job opportunities. If you are seeking any such position in this field, you need a resume that will showcase all your job related skills and accomplishments. Keep in mind that resume is not sufficient to get you the desired job. You need to write a cover letter to send along with your resume. This is a single page document that will discuss the details presented in your resume briefly. Although, it is the overview of your CV, it should not be the repetition of your resume. It must also include the details that are not discussed in your CV.

Accounting Resume

Field of accounting is considered as well structured and organized. Hence, when you write a cover letter for the accounting jobs, it should be organized properly and the information should be presented in well structured manner. If your accounting cover letter is not well organized, recruiter will think that your carelessness will reflect in the financial reports and this can affect your selection. Here are some tips for making your cover letter impressive.

Cover letter for any job is divided in three paragraphs. Start your letter with your name and contact details, as this information is accessed by the employer in order to contact you for any further discussion. Following these details, mention the date. Give the name and job title of person you are writing to. If you do not know the name, call up the company and know the name of the employer or recruiter who will read your letter. Use the professional salutation like "Dear Mr./ Mrs. [Last name]", etc. Addressing the name of the reader will certainly create a good impression on the reader.

First Paragraph

After you are done with the initial details, start writing the main letter body. For the accounting jobs, you must give the reason for writing the cover letter. Mention clearly the accounting position you are seeking. Do not forget to list your skills and analytical skills that are mostly required for accounting position. If you are an experienced candidate, you can mention the major accomplishments that can help you in your prospective work. Job related accounting skills and major accomplishments from previous employments will make you a suitable candidate for the particular job.

Second Paragraph

In the second paragraph, you can discuss about your academics and your previous employments in more detail. This is the part where you can emphasize on listing your accounting details that make you eligible for different accounting positions. Here you have to convince the employer to hire you and explain them why you are a perfect candidate for the job.

Third Paragraph

This is the last paragraph of your accounting job letter. Here you have to show your keenness and interest for working with the company. Tell them that you are positively looking forward to meet them and discuss further things in more detail during the interview. Expect a reply from them.


Use the professional end salutations like "Sincerely Yours", "Yours Faithfully", "Truly Yours", etc. Keep in mind that you are writing a professional job letter and you cannot use personal salutations like "Lovingly", etc.

Sign the letter at the end and give the list of the enclosed documents.

Cover letter plays a significant role when you are applying for any job. It should accompany your job application for better impact on the reader. It will give complete idea of applicant's professional details to the reader without going through the lengthy resumes. Employers will always appreciate the short job letters providing maximum information about the candidate.

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