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Creativity and innovation is the basic requirement for the jobs in the field of advertising. When applying for any position in this field, these qualities should reflect in your application. You need to make your advertising resume attractive and impressive enough to get attention from the hiring managers. Your resume will be viewed by the experts in the field having lots of experience in recruitment of candidates. Your application should be handy and impressive to create your positive first impression on the reader so that you get an interview call from them. We will discuss some tips for making your CV stand out and also provide a sample resume to make the idea more clear in your mind.

Advertising Resume Tips

Working in the field of advertising requires great creativity and marketing skills. You will be advertising any particular product; hence you need to know the necessary details about that product. In your resume, you are likely to cover the points like your work history, academics, key strengths, etc. While including all these details, make sure that your CV does not exceed more than three pages. Exceeding this length will make your application lengthier and ineffective.

Advertising resume should enlist the career achievements at the top of the page. You can also give the details about the professional memberships and your voluntary work in this part of your resume. Following are some important requirements for writing the resume for advertising positions:

  • Use the same font throughout the application. Use the professional fonts like Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Provide your past work detail along with your career achievements in advertising industry.
  • Provide an executive summary of your career to the employer
  • Focus on listing your skills that are extremely important for working as an advertising executive.
  • List the major job responsibilities you handled in the past. No need to give details of every small work duty. Listing your handled job responsibilities will give a clear idea of your talent and capabilities. List the job duties that are most relevant to the applied job
  • Make sure that you add all the relevant work experiences and related job duties that can add value to your application

The career of advertising executive is extremely challenging as they have to come up with creative and innovative ideas and concepts every time. The career objective statement should clearly state your interest for working as an advertising executive. It must describe the position you are expecting to work in and the achievements you want to accomplish during your tenure.

Significance of Advertising

There are any different positions in the field of advertising. These positions involve contrasting skill levels with the ability to conceptualize abstract ideas. There are number of skills required for working in these different positions. You need to make sufficient research about the position before you apply. This is done to become familiar with the prospective job profile and the company. Know about the past work of the company so that you can suggest any improvements in their work. Excellent research skills will help you in finding the best companies in market whom you can offer to help increase sales. If you are looking forward to make a career in advertising industry, you have the option to work in advertising sales in the following areas

  • Online
  • Print media
  • Radio
  • Television

There are different components of advertising resume. Important components are the work history, professional achievements and skills.

Work History

The work history in your advertising CV provides confirmation of your job related skills and abilities. You can also provide information of your major accomplishments in this section. Also make sure to provide the major job responsibilities you undertook during your employment in this industry. All these details will surely catch an eye of the employer and get their attention.


Skills play an important role in your job. You can easily grab the opportunity with the job relevant skills in your CV. In order to write an efficient advertising resume, it is mandatory to understand the required skills for a particular job profile. Ensure that you include all the required aspects in your resume. Do not include anything irrelevant to the position.

Depending on the job profile, you can customize your CV to match the requirements of the employer and get their attention. Your resume should reflect your skills and get you highlighted in the crowd.

Following are the list of advertising resumes:

  1. Account Supervisor Resume
  2. Cosmetic Technician Resume
  3. Vice President Resume

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