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Administrative Support Cover Letter

Writing a cover letter has become extremely important for getting the desired job opportunity. Employer will not read your resume completely. Hence, the information you presented in your resume that can help you get noticed will not be read by them. Cover letter is the summary of your resume. It will discuss the details provided in your resume briefly. In this way, employer will know about your job specific details without wasting much time. Cover letter should include everything that is necessary for the particular job. Here, we will help you know how to write the administrative job cover letters. We will also provide you the samples of cover letters for this position. All these details will surely prove you beneficial in drafting a winning job letter and creating a positive impact on the reader.

Administrative Support Job Description

In order to write the best cover letter for administrative support positions, first you need to know the job responsibilities associated with this position. Here are the major job duties that an administrative support assistant has to perform.

Administrative support officers have to perform number of job duties. Their main responsibilities include providing assistance to the seniors in administrative work. They have to handle the complicated business documentation, schedule the meetings and conferences, answer the telephone calls, managing the files, maintenance of office equipments, preparing the documents for presentation, etc. There are many other job duties performed by the administrative assistants.

When you are applying for this position in any organization, it is important that your work related skills should reflect in your application. It should be well organized and visually appealing. You need to write a cover letter to send along with your resume. The cover letter for administrative job will determine whether you are suitable for the job or not. Employer will save lots of time by going through your job letter instead of referring your resume.

Cover Letter for Administrative Support Job

Cover letter for any job should start with the name and contact details of the sender on the top left of the page. Provide the date when you are writing the letter below this contact details. Then you can provide the name and details of the recipient. These details will include name of the recipient, job title and company name. Use the professional salutations like "Dear" followed by the last name of the recipient. Call up in the company and know the name of the person who will be reading the letter if you are not aware of who will be reading the letter.

Cover letter is divided into three parts. The initial part will discuss the purpose of writing the letter. You can also give the information on how you came to know about the job and why do you find yourself suitable for the position.

Next part should tell the employer about your previous employments and your accomplishments related to your applied position. List the skills that are relevant to the job. Working as an administrative support assistant, you will have to perform number of job tasks, hence, you should possess excellent administrative skills like interpersonal communication, team building, analytical skills, problem solving ability, decision making, organizational skills, time management, computer skills, etc. Include all these skills in your cover letter to get attention from the reader. This is the main letter body of your cover letter where you have to convince the reader.

Third part is the closing of your letter. Tell them that you are looking forward to discuss the things in detail during the actual meeting. This will show your interest in the position.

At the end, use the salutations like "Sincerely", Faithfully", "Truly", etc.

Sign the cover letter and give the list of enclosed documents.

We have also provided the sample cover letters for administrative support positions. These samples will give you a complete understanding of writing the cover letters for such jobs.

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