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The applicant had not been practicing law directly but wanted to get into a law firm. She did have much business and professional experience, so the writer played that up as much as possible.

Sample Associate Lawyer Cover Letter

Gary Anderson
123, X Street, Y Avenue, • Manhattan, NY-10009 • (123) 456-7890

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Dear Salutation:

Few attorneys only a few years out of law school can claim experience managing a multimillion-dollar business, proven skills in dispute resolution, and the ability to negotiate contracts that result in the savings of millions of dollars. I am just such an attorney, and I am interested in joining your firm as an associate.

As Manager of Corporate Development at Telecom Inc. in Louisville, I managed all legal and financial matters for the Midwest Region. Although I was not working in a legal capacity, I consistently demonstrated my legal savvy by resolving contract disputes and earning favorable results for my company. Using my communication and client-management skills, I was able to gain consensus among the parties and identify and manage the strategic issues.

In addition to my negotiation skills, I am at ease with numbers and complex financial matters. I have done extensive budget analysis and revision and proven skillful in estate planning matters. My keen financial sense will allow me to increase your firm's revenue, guaranteeing that your investment in me will pay off quickly.

I am a decisive, focused individual who excels under pressure, and I have a unique set of skills to offer your firm. If you are interested in an attorney with an already proven track record of accomplishments and a strong business background, I urge you to contact me at your earliest convenience.


Gary Anderson

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