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Bank Executive Cover Letter

A number of features make this letter distinctive: the partial line in the contact information, the business axiom in boldface, the bulleted items enhanced with italic, and the Lou Holtz quote.

Sample Bank Executive Cover Letter

Rony Conrad
14, East 19 Street, • Brighton, NY, 03267 • (618)-461 1055

Ms. Stela Phils
First Bank of Columbus
1383 Main Street
Columbus, OH 43204

Dear Ms. Phils:

Numbers drive good business decisions collecting and analyzing data is critical to sound decision making.

My career experience within the banking industry has been broad-based, but it has always involved generating the necessary data to foster decisions that positively impact an organization's bottom line. My ability in this area is well documented in my resume. I have

  • Held full decision-making authority for deploying, expanding, and optimizing the banking delivery network within the Florida region for the past three years.
  • Ensured the successful transition of employee incentive plans following Barnett Bank's merger with Bank of America.
  • Developed uniform reporting mechanisms to promote efficient line-management activities.
  • Reengineered and standardized national sales incentive programs.
  • Taught staffing needs calculations and employee utilization to branch offices to ensure delivery of top-notch customer service while controlling costs.
  • Created a cost analysis system to effectively track internal profitability.

I will be relocating to the Columbus, Ohio, area within the next few months and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how I might deliver similar results for your organization. May we talk?


Rony Conrad


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