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Bank Supervisor Cover Letter

The applicant was moving across the country and was qualified to work in diverse capacities. The writer capitalized on the applicant's broad experience and drew attention to it with boldfacing.

Sample Bank Supervisor Cover Letter

Raphael Lawrence
6901 West Main 26 Street • Urbana • Illinois, 61801 • Cell: 257-409-8975

Director of Employment
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Dear Director of Employment:

After a successful and satisfying career with Iowa's largest independently owned financial institution, I recently moved to Florida and am looking forward to embarking on a new career here. I am taking the liberty of enclosing a resume describing my background. When you review it, you may notice that I am experienced in and capable of stepping into a variety of areas. Let me elaborate.

Project Management. A consistent thread through my career at the bank was that I was often given the responsibility to oversee projects ranging from implementing new software to managing a major consolidation of branches. I have proven that I have the expertise to manage people and processes, resulting in minimal disruption to clients and/or staff.

Administration. I believe I have succeeded in providing administrative and technical support to management and users at all levels within the corporation. I am skilled in assessing others' needs and developing strategies to meet those needs. My communication skills are well developed, which facilitates my efforts.

Training and Supervision. My experience encompasses both. Because I had no formal technical training, I had to constantly self-teach and update my own skills. That gave me a unique perspective and helped me to become an effective trainer. As my resume indicates, I supervised a high-volume second-shift processing department.

In addition to the traits listed above, my performance reflects a dedication to my employer and a high degree of self-motivation. Performing beyond expectations is the norm for me. After you have examined my material, I hope you will contact me to arrange an interview. I am confident I can make significant contributions to your organization. I can be reached at home (257-409-8975) or on my cell phone (1234-567-8900). Thank you for your time and consideration.


Raphael Lawrence


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