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Call Center Manager Cover Letter

The writer wanted to convey the candidate's bilingual ability. This letter is a fictionalized version of an entry that was named "Most Eye-Catching Cover Letter" at the 2002 PARW Annual Convention.

Sample Call Center Manager Cover Letter

1234, West 67 Street • Carlisle, MA 01741 • (123)-456 7890.

John Morshion
1237 Main Court
Santa Cruz
CA, 95060
Cell: 243-543-6767

Dear Mr. Morshion:

The implementation of your newly acquired Panama call center will profit from the leadership of an experienced bilingual CALL CENTER MANAGER. Fluent in Spanish with an extensive customer care background in the versatile setting of a 24/7, 250-seat center, my qualifications offer you the reality of a seamless transition into the world of international customer service.

My professional experience spanning six years of multilevel responsibility has been dominated by the implementation and use of cutting-edge call center technology such as Witness (call quality and monitoring), CMS (call statistics), Emvolve (performance management), IEX (workforce scheduling) and People-Trak (human resource information). I possess the confidence needed to face the toughest leadership challenges and have a proven track record as a solid achiever. Notable career accomplishments include the following:

  • Achieved a $4 million annual gross profit for 2001.
  • Improved agent retention by 47% with a workforce defined by 200 Customer Service Representatives, 25 Customer Care Experts, 60 Order Fulfillment Agents, 15 Quality Assurance Agents, 50 Administrative Operations Agents and 22 Manager/Support Staff.
  • Attained service-level goals of 80 / 20 on a consistent basis with a variety of client programs and products for a major telecommunications firm producing a volume of 10,000 calls per day.
  • Demonstrated a strong ability to strengthen cost-profit ratios by creating financial models with forecasted revenues of $1 million per month with a year-to-date 5% accuracy for budget variance.
  • Recognized as the lowest charge-back percentage producer among all client call centers at a rate of .5% by developing and implementing effective fraud-prevention procedures.
With great enthusiasm I submit my résumé for your serious consideration as the Operations Manager for your customer-care call center in Panama. Please allow me to share my enthusiasm, flexibility and availability in a personal interview at your earliest convenience. My contact information is as follows: PH: (123)-456 7890.


Michael Moore

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