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Celebrity Personal Assistant Cover Letter

Each paragraph conveys the applicant's enthusiasm toward becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant. Her organizational skills, technological expertise, and evident maturity temper well her excitement.

Sample Celebrity Personal Assistant Cover Letter

Paul Smith
2365 S Mayfield Ave • Chicago, IL 60652 • Cell: (123)-555-1234

January 29, 2010

Ms. Jesica Fox
609 West Main Street
New Mexico, 87109
Cell: 237-409-0198

Dear Ms. Fox:

I was excited to discover on the Internet. I've known for some time that a 9 to 5 job wasn't the right fit for someone with my background and personality, and I would like to explore the possibility of becoming a Celebrity Personal Assistant.

The Guide certainly clarified the unique skills and expectations of a Celebrity Personal Assistant. Many of the qualifications mirrored my responsibilities as Entertainment/Promotions Coordinator for Harrah's Entertainment. On any given day, I had multiple balls in the air—from coordinating arrangements for celebrities (lodging, transportation, meals) to selecting costumes and overseeing myriad administrative duties associated with a popular entertainment site. I had an excellent reputation for putting out fires and going the extra steps to achieve success. Flexibility and the ability to remain calm were the key elements that allowed me to function effectively in such a high-pressure environment.

On an administrative level, I am very organized and meticulous. Careful follow-up is important when coordinating special events and projects, particularly when you are involved with senior-level executives and celebrities. Of course, it goes without saying that I am familiar with various technology and equipment, including a Palm Pilot, since my background has always involved administrative duties.

Wearing multiple "hats" keeps my daily calendar at maximum capacity, an environment in which I tend to flourish. Overall, I feel my organizational skills and my ability to handle different personalities with varying degrees of understanding and maintenance, regardless of the time element involved, would serve me well as a Celebrity Personal Assistant.

Would you allow me to formally introduce myself? I am very interested in expanding my professional horizons and eager to discuss a future association.

I can be available at your convenience with somewhat minimal notice. My employer is not aware I am contacting you, however, so I would appreciate your confidentiality. A complete resume is enclosed for your review.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


Paul Smith


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