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Country Club General Manager Cover Letter

The referral in the first paragraph is especially strong because the retiring general manager is recommending that the applicant be considered seriously in the search for a replacement.

Sample Country Club General Manager Cover Letter

Mathew Anderson
14, West 88 Street, • Burlington, Washington. 03274, • (618)-495 0327.

November 30, 2010

Samantha Drew
81, North 54 Street,
Clewiston, Florida, 03247,
(328)-421 0569.

Dear Mr. Drew:

Mr. Bill Anderson informed me that you are leading the search committee in replacing him as general manager of Westhaven Country Club. Because I am a highly dedicated manager with a strong background in management and the vision to perceive-and execute-a master plan to drive the success of Westhaven to unprecedented levels, Bill is confident that I am the prime candidate to ensure Westhaven's continued success.

On attaining my B.S. in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 1996, I joined Westhaven Country Club as the assistant manager and was promoted to clubhouse manager last August. For the past month, I have willingly assumed all responsibilities of both positions. Perfecting the art of club management is an ongoing goal of mine. I am currently pursuing this goal through mentoring by Mr. Anderson, concentrated studies through the Club Managers Association of America in an effort to earn my certification in club management, and attendance at national conferences.

You will note a few recent accomplishments on my enclosed resume, the most significant of which is escalating revenues from approximately $900,000 to $1.3 million. This success, I believe, is attributed to the following:

  • Unique creativity, integrated with the tenacity to attain desired results
  • Broad-based knowledge of food and beverage
  • Success in developing a cohesive team committed to excellence, respect, and cooperation
  • Treating each member as I would a member of my family, ensuring their enjoyment and satisfaction

Another accomplishment, not mentioned on my resume, includes winning the Idea Fair contest at last year's National Club Managers Association of America Conference. My entry was the children's menu that I designed for Westhaven; it won top honor in its category.

Mr. Ball, I am a goal setter and a goal achiever. These qualities have contributed toward goal attainment in all my endeavors. As Dallas continues to grow, the competition in our industry only becomes more demanding. Two requirements are necessary for this to occur: (1) The leader must be able to envision the potential of Westhaven in our emerging marketplace, and (2) he must be able to develop and orchestrate a master plan. As general manager, I will go the extra mile to ensure Westhaven's success and look forward to the exciting challenges this new opportunity offers. Thank you for your consideration, and I sincerely look forward to visiting with you soon.


Mathew Anderson


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