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Country Club Project Manager Cover Letter

The "RE:" line makes the position easy to spot, and the bullets help the reader see that the applicant has experience and skills for the position. The next paragraphs show other relevant competencies.

Sample Country Club Project Manager Cover Letter

Arnold Den
64, East 6 Street, • Lewistown, Montana, 03278, • (194)-465 0217

14, East 19 Street,
Brighton, NY, 03267
(618)-461 1055

February 4, 2010

Dear Mr. Carter:

It is with great interest that I submit the enclosed resume and this letter for the position of Project Manager in your company, which would make use of the following experience and skills:

  • Management and coordination of resources and activities
  • Knowledge of the real estate and construction industries
  • Property management
  • Decision making and troubleshooting
  • Supervision and hiring
  • Customer service
  • Technology and technical skills
  • Long-time membership in area country clubs

As my resume will show, I am extremely competent in juggling multiple priorities simultaneously. A high energy level, combined with strong people skills, dedication and good business sense, contribute to success at whatever challenges I tackle. Without those skills, I would not have been able to finance my education through full-time work, while maintaining a full load of courses. In addition, I was able to balance family needs—difficult without lots of flexibility, good intentions and total commitment to dependability. Understanding when to delegate and how to manage time well have served me throughout my efforts to be successful.

Areas of special interest include management, oversight, coordination and contact with a variety of customers and contractors. My experience thus far has been diverse—often more than one job at once while I was finishing my degree. I've worked with my hands as a dishwasher and construction worker, and worked directly with people from the viewpoints of manager, customer service representative and electronic technician.

A resume can provide only an introduction. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to review your needs and the company's overall goals. At that time, I can address any questions you may have. Within the next week, I will contact your office to see whether you are scheduling interviews or need additional information.


Arnold Den

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