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Sample Cytotechnologist Cover Letter

John Michel
1237 Main Court • Santa Cruz • CA, 95060 • Cell: 243-543-6767

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Dear Sir or Madam:

In May 2010, I will graduate from the State University of Stony Brook with a Bachelor of Science in Cytotechnology, with a minor in Biology. I am seeking to pursue my long-term personal and professional goal of a challenging career as a Cytotechnologist within a hospital environment for the variety of specimens and the opportunity to participate in fine needle aspiration procedures. Let me briefly highlight the skills, values and contributions I will bring to your healthcare facility:

  • Dedicated commitment to a long and successful career as a Cytotechnologist.
  • Excellent patient relations/evaluation, time-management, troubleshooting, interpersonal and communication skills, developed through experience at Good Samaritan Hospital as a Cytology Prep Assistant.
  • Ability to perform independently, or as part of a team, building cooperative working relationships among management and support staff in order to meet goals and achieve successful results.
  • Aptitude to collaborate with physicians to implement protocol; provide new product evaluations and procurement.
  • Proven success in prioritizing time and completing intense workloads under severe pressure to attain goals and meet project deadlines, achieving desired results.
  • An energetic, hardworking and self-motivated work ethic, coupled with a flexible approach to assignments.

Since a resume can neither fully detail all my skills and accomplishments nor convey my potential to your Cytology Department, I would welcome a personal interview to further explore the merging of my education, experience, ambition and enthusiasm with your facility's objectives.

Very truly yours,

John Michel


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