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Deputy Director, Resource Development Cover Letter

This retiring senior Air Force officer wanted to stay on in his position as his own civilian replacement. Some Air Force jargon is evident in the letter. For example, "V/R" means "Very respectfully."

Sample Deputy Director, Resource Development Cover Letter

14, East 19 Street, • Brighton, NY, 03267 • (618)-461 1055

Monday, 12 July, 2010

Justin Holloway
XYZ Company.,
1234 Archer Road,
Gainesville, Fl 32607

Dear Colonel Holloway:

Just as you suggested, I have nominated myself for the upcoming GS-14 position that will convert the Deputy DS to a civilian slot. But as I focused on filling out the required AFPC Resume Writer, I became convinced that you deserved a great deal more than just data constrained by character limits of that online form. This package is the result.

Because the next deputy will likely have long-lasting impact on Resource Command, it seemed that two vital pieces of information had to be documented. As a baseline, I had to show my understanding of the kinds of problems I'll be asked to solve. And supporting that baseline had to be vivid examples of my ability to solve similar problems very well.

For the baseline to be valuable, I went beyond the usual consideration of traits or staff skills. I focused on capabilities I must provide to make enduring contributions to the RC mission. You'll find nine of them right at the top of my resume. For proof of capabilities, I had to go beyond just summarizing past problems solved. And so I selected 16 contributions to my organizations that illustrated those capabilities in action.

However, there is some vital information no format, no matter how tailored, can provide. As you read, I hope this central idea stands out clearly: All my efforts are aimed at maximizing long-term returns on every resource investment RC and the Air Force make. I want every tasking, every initiative, to be an opportunity to motivate, lead, and educate others to that same point of view. For me, that vision stands behind every duty, every standard, every KSA, and every classification criterion that might appear in the job announcement.

It's difficult for me to be distracted from the daily business of Resource Command, particularly when that distraction requires me to focus on myself. Therefore, if I have overlooked any information you need, I know you will not hesitate to call on me.



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