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Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

The Long Island job market was saturated, and this applicant needed a letter that set her apart from thousands of other applicants. The writer regarded the last two paragraphs as "closers" for action from an employer.

Sample Elementary Teacher Cover Letter

14, East 19 Street, • Brighton, NY, 03267 • (618)-461 1055

April 9, 2010

Arnold Den,
64, East 6 Street,
Lewistown, Montana, 03278,
(194)-465 0217

Re: Fourth-Grade Teacher

Dear Mr. Den:

It has been reported that every individual will have had one or two teachers that had a profound impact on his or her life. I strive to be that teacher, and I am confident that my diverse student teacher experience and formal Elementary Education qualifications will enable me to do so.

I've learned that creating exciting lesson plans encourages an interactive classroom environment. This approach, along with integrating various subjects, helps address all learning experiences, and especially engages the student to learn on a more visual, tactile, and auditory basis.

As a student teacher in the second and fourth grades, I had the opportunity to work with gifted, ESL, and included students. This diverse experience helped me develop effective teaching techniques and unique classroom management strategies. I have created and instructed lesson plans in several disciplines, including but not limited to reading, mathematics, social studies, and science. In addition, I have designed bulletin boards, prepared weekly plan books, and participated in parent-teacher conferences.

I have enclosed my resume for your review and would love the opportunity to meet with you to discuss any Elementary Education teaching positions in the Hicksville School District.

Please call me at your earliest convenience to schedule an interview. I look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance for your consideration.


Andrew Carter


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