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Estate Planning Lawyer Cover Letter

The applicant wanted to transition to a new legal practice area, and the letter explains his reasons and qualifications for doing so. The change is not hasty but based on years of preparation.

Sample Estate Planning Lawyer Cover Letter

Joseph Hall
1902, X Street, Madison Avenue, • Los Angeles, CA-90001 • (123) 456-7890


Dear Salutation:

I am an experienced legal professional with an LL.M. in Taxation, interested in joining your firm as an associate. Although my desire to practice tax law represents a career change for me, it is a change made with a great deal of planning and resolve. As outlined below, I have spent the past few years preparing myself for this shift, and I am eager and feel well prepared to begin this new stage of my career.

For 13 years, my practice focused on the litigation of large and complex personal-injury cases. Seeking a more transactional practice, I left private practice in 1996 to work for JRO—an insurance industry leader.

My work with JRO somewhat satisfied my interest in transactional work; however, I desired a more significant change. After evaluating my strengths and interests, I eventually settled on taxation as the area that would best fulfill me as a professional.

Understanding that such a transition could not be made without the proper educational background, I enrolled in the University of Ohio's six-course program in business finance while still employed with JRO, earning a certificate in 2001. This program re-enforced my desire to move into taxation, and I consequently entered the University of Ohio's LL.M. program in that area of concentration.

Now I am ready to put my academic training into action. I offer highly transferable skills that will be assets as I enter this practice area. As a result of my background, I have developed excellent drafting skills and an acute attention to detail. Additionally, I have experience providing effective counsel and engaging in frequent client contact.

I am confident that I can be of value to your practice and hope to further explore how I might benefit your firm. If you would like to set up a meeting or speak with me in more detail about my qualifications, please contact me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.


Joseph Hall

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