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General Merchandise Manager Cover Letter

In this ad response, the writer links the job seeker’s qualifications to company requirements line by line. Bullets in both columns help the reader read matching items from column to column.

Sample General Merchandise Manager Cover Letter

Alyssa Bethenny Lachey
56 Thomas Apartments, Happy Street, New York, 52364 • 649-458-7799

27 Happy colony, Dallas, Texas 75326
Tel. No: 123-649-88877

RE: Position as General Merchandise Manager, Job ID 000-000

Dear Human Resources Representative:

It was with great interest that I learned about your opening for a General Merchandise Manager, as my qualifications match your requirements for this position. I am confident I can contribute to the success of Barnes & Noble College Bookstores; therefore, please accept my résumé in application for this position and allow me to explain briefly how I meet your requirements and how I can add value to your organization.

As I read your company’s advertisement, I noted several connections between what you seek and my background:

Your Requirements: My Qualifications:
College degree preferred Bachelor of Arts degree from Temple University
Strong commitment to customer service Exceeded service delivery goals as Customer Care Manager for Verizon Wireless
3 years of retail management experience 4 years as Senior Assistant Manager for retail outlet Shoppers Galore
Team-leadership skills As manager with Verizon, led team to improved QA scores and 3× sales increase within 3 months of hire
Excellent communication skills Superb communicator with customers, team members, and upper management
Flexibility is required Worked varying hours and weekend shifts frequently as manager with Shoppers

Beyond my qualifications, what I can contribute most significantly to your company’s future success is my ability to develop great relationships. Whether resolving a customer concern, addressing an issue with upper management, or mentoring a fellow team member, I consistently use a “positive communication” approach that leads to resolved problems and happy customers. In addition, my dedication and work ethic are strong, as my former supervisors will readily verify.

Thank you for your time and review of my qualifications. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and I wish you the best in your candidate search for this position.


Alyssa Bethenny Lachey


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