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Human Resources Generalist Cover Letter

This letter is full of keywords relevant to the field of human resources. The clustering of the bulleted items according to three categories breaks up a long list and makes the items easier to grasp.

Sample Human Resources Generalist Cover Letter

14, East 19 Street, • Brighton, NY, 03267 • (618)-461 1055

February 12, 2010

Justin Holloway
XYZ Company.,
1234 Archer Road,
Gainesville, Fl 32607

Dear Mr. Holloway:

Your recent HR generalist vacancy has prompted me to send you my resume for review. As you will discover, I offer the depth of experience necessary to successfully administer safety, benefits, and compensation programs; recruit, train, develop, and retain staff; build community relations; assess and fulfill staffing needs, and evaluate / revise policies and procedures. Thirteen years of collective HR experience also enforce comprehensive knowledge of state and federal personnel regulations. Additionally, my history reflects a loyal, stable employee who thrives on increasing responsibility and progressive learning. It would be an honor to contribute to a corporate culture such as yours, which values people and appreciates differences.

The following attributes and well-developed skills are additional reasons to take a close look at my credentials:


  • Integrity, loyalty, and diligence earn respect and reflect distinction.
  • Ownership of responsibility and accountability demonstrate leadership and character.
  • Time management and organization skills help streamline tasks and cultivate efficiency.
  • Investigation and decrement foster effective problem resolution.
  • Analysis and interpretation skills assist in understanding guidelines, policies, and procedures.


  • Direct communication and appropriate interpersonal style enhance understanding.
  • Enthusiastic presentation stimulates interest in and retention of material.
  • Attentive listening enhances interviewing, counseling, and mediating.
  • Professional / personal security reflect a genuine person who easily integrates into teams.
  • Ability to build rapport strengthens community ties and maintains valuable resources.
  • Persuasiveness sells ideas and promotes acceptance of change.


  • Friendly, personable, helpful attitude contributes to an accommodating environment.
  • Attention to details and focus on excellence inspire others to excel.
  • Capacity to easily learn and retain procedural information suggests decreased training time.
  • Willingness to embrace challenging, changing situations indicates flexibility and adaptation.
  • A sense of humor and positive outlook help ease stress in the workplace.

Experience, confidence, and drive will enable me to make significant contributions to your HR goals. Because a personal interview would benefit us both, I will contact you within the week to schedule an appointment at your convenience. In the meantime, thank you for your consideration.


Andrew Carter, PHR

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