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Human Resources Recruiter Cover Letter

This letter begins as a follow-up to a phone call-a sure way to capture attention. The first paragraph specifies the target position, and each successive paragraph highlights the applicant's merits.

Sample Human Resources Recruiter Cover Letter

Harrison Jones
456, X Street, Y Avenue, • Manchester, NH-03104 • (123) 456-7890

January 7, 2010

Ms. Karen Rivera
456, X Street, Y Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA-90003
(123) 456-7890

Dear Ms. Rivera:

It was nice to speak with you on the telephone recently regarding potential career opportunities with Wake-Up Call Staffing. As we discussed, I have worked as a temporary for Wake-Up Call Staffing in the past and received excellent reviews from employers. Now that I have completed an advanced degree in Human Resources, I am prepared to excel in a career as a Recruiter. I have attached my resume and qualifications for your review and am certain that you will be quite impressed.

I recently obtained a Master's degree in Human Resources and currently work as a Consultant.
As a result of my degree requirements, internship and current position, I have gained valuable experience with critical aspects of the selection process, such as

  • Developing and administering employment tests
  • Researching legal properties of tests
  • Conducting job analyses
  • Developing and conducting behavioral interviews
  • Reviewing and critiquing resumes
  • Conducting training sessions for employees

I feel that my background would prove valuable to the recruitment process at Wake-Up Call Staffing in many ways. For example, I am experienced in standardized test development, administration and legal issues of fairness involving the testing process. This would certainly benefit the preemployment testing process at Wake-Up Call Staffing. My work experience has also enhanced my analytical and organizational skills, which are critical to success in any position. In fact, my current supervisor has stated that my organizational skills are one of my greatest assets.

Overall, I seek to integrate my interpersonal skills, positive attitude, perseverance, determination and knowledge of the selection process in order to recruit qualified candidates. I would thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to implement my recruiting skills at Wake-Up Call Staffing, and I look forward to speaking with you again soon.


Harrison Jones


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