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With an unusual horizontal line at the top of the page and the unexpected statement in italic, this letter is designed to catch the reader's attention. The letter successfully keeps the reader's attention.

Sample Industrial Manager Cover Letter

Marry Lawrence
New Road, Mexico • Home: 00658-21589-98754 • Cell: 00125-4587-9685

February 22, 2010

Harrison Jones
Oak land, Mchingham
121 New areas, near Business Mark tower
Home: 13325-54987-78945
Cell: 0265-5987-3265

Dear Mr. Cummings:

I'm looking for trouble ... chaos ... problems.

And, no, I am not kidding. My expertise in the industrial management arena is solving problems. I thrive on problems because I know how to handle them and have the track record to prove it. No brag, just fact.

Talk to the company I'm currently managing-they'll tell you what a mess they started with and where we stand now. The plant is running smoothly, profits are growing, and morale is high. I'm ready to move on. There are no more significant problems here.

I did not purposely seek out your company because I, or anyone else, think there is something wrong. I would like to relocate to Houston to be closer to my family and am simply asking various companies if they could use someone with my talents and penchant for "trouble." I deal in people, issues, and in-house adversity. My philosophy is to involve everyone in the company to identify the problem(s), develop a strategy to solve it, and follow through with the appropriate action.

Throughout my career in all types of companies, I have been successful in streamlining production, reducing operating expenses, and updating equipment or systems. These are actions that make companies successful. And that's my obsession-I want to make your company more successful.

I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about my joining your organization in a managerial capacity. For your review, my resume is enclosed. And to further put you at ease, you can give me a test: Allow me to talk to your Front Line Supervisor and Controller. With their input, we will know quickly whether I can honestly help your company.

I am eager to hear from you. Please contact me at the above number.


Marry Lawrence


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