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Investigations Manager Cover Letter

This applicant wanted an investigations management position in a corporate setting. The letter refers to the individual's experience, skills, current position, and previous NYPD employment.

Sample Investigations Manager Cover Letter

Mathew Anderson
14, West 88 Street, • Burlington, Washington. 03274, • (618)-495 0327.

March 23, 2010

81, North 54 Street,
Clewiston, Florida, 03247,
(328)-421 0569


As a professional with extensive hands-on and supervisory experience in law enforcement, private industry and the military, I believe that my expertise is a match for this position. Accordingly, I have enclosed for your review a resume that summarizes my skills and accomplishments in investigations management.

I have achieved a successful record as an investigator and supervisor in delivering results to corporate clients as well as in community and executive protection. My skills encompass undercover criminal investigations • background checks • fraud investigations • arrests and extradition • fugitive location and apprehension • electronic surveillance and detection • employee dishonesty.

Currently as Chief Inspector at the Chief State's Attorney's Office, I direct a team in security, safety, and investigation operations. As a supervisor, I am accountable for the development, training, and supervision of a diverse workforce. I also am well versed in security program planning and critical incident/crisis management based on my experience as a member of the Federal Anti-Terrorism Task Force.

Previously employed with the New York Police Department, I progressed through increasingly responsible law enforcement positions that included development of the training division, establishing and overseeing the department's narcotics unit and training new staff. In addition, my diverse experience includes providing successful investigative services for corporate clients in the insurance industry, as well as conducting criminal/counterintelligence investigations during my military reserves tenure.

I am confident that my expertise and professionalism would allow me to meet the challenges of this managerial role and protect your clients' interests. Thank you for your consideration.


Mathew Anderson

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