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Marketing Assistant Cover Letter

This candidate explains well the connections between her college major in marketing and work experience in customer service. She views both marketing and customer service as her skill areas.

Sample Marketing Assistant Cover Letter

Robert Smith
1234 East 69 Street • West Van Buren, Chicago • Illinois, 60697 •

January 30, 2010

Human Resources Department
Office Max
1111 Durango Street
Houston, TX 00000

Dear Human Resources Representative:

It was with great interest and enthusiasm that I read your advertisement for a Marketing Assistant, as my background and abilities match your requirements for this position. Please allow me to explain briefly how my combination of sales, marketing, and customer service knowledge/experience can contribute to your organizationís growth and success.

I will be receiving my B.B.A. degree in Marketing in August of this year; therefore, I have focused the majority of my professional development on marketing studies. However, my work history consists mainly of sales and customer-service positions. I see this as a strength because sales, marketing, and customer service are linked through their many similarities; they all share a common focus on consumer patterns, customer needs fulfillment, and business growth as the ultimate goal.

As a member of your team, I could use my knowledge of marketing and business-development strategies, ability to increase sales, and skills in customer satisfaction/retention to contribute to your organizationís growth and success. Additionally, I can add value to your operations through my willingness to put forth an extra effort in all activities and perform tasks beyond those that fall under my job requirements. My former and current supervisors will attest that I am a dependable employee whom they trust implicitly.

My resume is enclosed to provide you with additional details concerning my background. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you.


Rachel Fehren


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