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Marketing Representative Music Industry Cover Letter

This communications major was looking for an entry-level position in the music recording industry. With little work experience, she was willing to be an unpaid intern just to get her foot in the door.

Sample Marketing Representative Music Industry Cover Letter

Kenly Peterson
4567, North 34 Street. • Boston, MA 04509, • (656)-676 7990

January 4, 2010

Martin Holloway
1224 Archer Road
Gainesville, Fl 32607
Cell: (452) 555 - 1987

Dear Mr. Holloway:

I know that you are busy and must receive hundreds of unsolicited resumes from hopeful communications majors looking for work in the music recording industry. To be honest with you, Iím no exception. But before you discard or file away my request, Iíd appreciate your attention for just a moment so that I can tell you a little about myself.

First of all, I have an immense, profound love for popular music, whether it be rock, rap or R&B. Since the age of 7, Iíve been reading liner notes and have amassed quite a thorough knowledge of whoís who in the recording business. Itís love such as this that breeds dedication. Despite the tremendous competition that Iím up against, nothing will discourage me from pursuing my dreams of a career in the music industry. This is my calling!

Briefly, I offer

  • Boundless creative energy with an imaginative way of dealing with problems.
  • Articulate verbal skills and the ability to deliver messages with impact.
  • Personal assertiveness, especially in face-to-face or phone contact with high-profile clients.
  • A strong sensitivity to the needs of others, enabling the development of solid business relationships.
  • Excellent planning, organizing and numerical skills, as well as a familiarity with computers.

Some examples of my abilities are illustrated in the enclosed resume. Up to now, my work experience has been limited, but my high degree of motivation has been recognized by my employers, who have quickly promoted me to positions of increased responsibility.

My enthusiasm and potential are there, waiting to be unleashed and molded as you see fit. Ultimately, my goal is a position as an artist relations or marketing rep, but all I want at this point is to get my foot in the door of an organization associated with the music recording industry. It doesnít matter if Iím assigned to the mailroom or some other clerical area. Salary is also not my primary concern. I would even be interested in an unpaid internship if it presented an opportunity to learn the industry from the ground up.

If any situations exist where you think I could be of value, or if you have any suggestions as to others with whom it might be beneficial to speak, Iíd like to hear from you. Iím looking forward to the chance of meeting with you to discuss these possibilities. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.


Kenly Peterson

Enclosure: Resume

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