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Operations Manager Cover Letter

This letter was created for posting to online job banks in the logistics industry. The opening paragraph explains why the candidate is a job seeker. The second tells of his worth as a manager.

Sample Operations Manager Cover Letter

Ryan Gale
403, 6th avenue • Montgomery, AL- 35112 • (659) 846 - 9466

Dear Hiring Manager,

I had an early start to my management career in the trucking services/logistics industry when I launched a truck repair facility in Harrisburg, PA. I grew the shop from a one-man operation to a successful business, serving 100 carrier accounts nationwide. RUAN Leasing Company liked my style, recruited me after I sold the business, and provided me with an avenue to use my talents in managing their Northeast region. Unfortunately, companies reorganize and in doing so, let go of good people. I have had the misfortune of being one of those "good people" and find myself among the "chosen" to be "RIFed."

If your organization is in need of an Operations Manager with a proven track record in building and leading effective teams that set the standard for preventative maintenance currency, employee commitment to the job, creative approaches to quality improvement, and controlling operational costs, then you should give me a call or email me.

For the last 10 years I have worked remotely from a home-based office and traveled extensively throughout my region to ensure face-to-face, personal attention. With this arrangement in mind, I see no need to confine my search to any particular geographic area.

For the right opportunity, I would consider expanding my reach beyond my Western Pennsylvania home base and relocating to a new area.

My resume follows.


Ryan Gale

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