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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Cover Letter

The applicant coupled her LPN status with her sales experience to break into pharmaceutical sales. The letter stresses her independent work—an excellent foundation for salespeople on the road.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Cover Letter

Oliver Twist
1265 Camelot Court • Millwood, NY 10569 • Cell :( 914) 555-896 •

March 7, 2010

Mr. Mary Twain
654 Dollas Street, New York 65498
Tel. No: 236-987-5544
Email ID:

Dear Mr. Twain:

Please accept this letter and my application for a pharmaceutical sales position with Pfizer, Inc. I appreciate your invitation to contact you for your assistance in my attempt to receive an interview for employment. If hired, I firmly believe that I will make a solid contribution to Pfizer as a salesperson. As you may know, my extensive employment experience with sales negotiations in travel and real estate, coupled with an excellent education and training in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse, provide me with ideal credentials for a position in sales of pharmaceuticals. In addition, my LPN training has served to refocus my own professional objective toward sales in this important, rapidly expanding, and fascinating arena of the health field.

Perceptive to the needs of clients and resolute in securing all potential sales, I have built a solid reputation with employers and customers for being trustworthy, dependable, and dedicated in my responsibilities. I am a proven self-starter willing to take on significant responsibilities, as I have worked competently on independent projects and as a contributing team member.

I genuinely look forward to discussing my qualifications with a Pfizer representative for a position in pharmaceutical sales. I would appreciate a company representative contacting me at my home number, e-mail, or cell phone to set up an interview and an opportunity to tour the facility. If I do not hear from Pfizer by April 7, I will contact their human resources office to request an appointment.

Thank you kindly for your offer to assist me in my application for employment at Pfizer.


Oliver Twist

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