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Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Cover Letter

This applicant never had the word “sales” in any of his job titles. To compensate, the writer introduced a table that matched the individual’s abilities with likely corporate needs.

Sample Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Cover Letter

Mary Smith
69 N. Grant Street, Mid Lake City, California 84301 • Cell :( 988) 598-1331 • Email:

Monday February 16, 2004

Ms. Jesica Fox
25th Lane Avenue, Old Road, Georgina
Home: 00658-21589-98754
Cell: 00125-4587-9685

Dear Ms. Fox:

I would like to join the TopLine Pharmaceuticals team as your newest pharmaceutical sales representative. To give you confidence that I am the right person to interview, this letter anticipates your needs in the following areas:

Your likely requirements: My capabilities:
Strong sales experience. Proven record in closing the most difficult kind of “sales”: persuading all my customers to give up their property at a reasonable price and avoid costly legal battles.
Ability to master steep learning curves in new fields. Three years of handling rapidly increasing responsibility with absolutely no formalized training.
Dedication to reach tough goals independently. Embarked upon a personal, professional development program to learn about your industry from pharmaceutical reps, professional organizations, and trade magazines.

My résumé has the details. It may not look like others you have seen. I thought you deserved a good deal more than the usual unsupported summary of “professional qualifications,” standard job titles, and unfamiliar responsibilities. In their places are a half dozen profit-building capabilities I am ready to offer now, backed up by selected examples of performance.

If my approach and track record appeals to TopLine, I’d like to hear about your specific sales requirements. May I call in a few days to arrange a time to do just that?


Mary Smith

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