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This applicant wanted to give the impression of being someone with creative talent. The writer chose a nonconventional font to convey the idea that his photographer had aesthetic taste and was flexible.

Sample Photographer Cover Letter

Thomas Dickens
2365 S Mayfield Ave • Chicago, IL 60652 • Cell: (123)-555-1234

March 10, 2010

Ms. Eva Andrew
123,25th Street,
MA, 011, Boston
Cell: 132-234-9856

Dear Ms. Andrew:

As a follow-up to our phone conversation, I am very interested in joining your photo department in a part-time photography position, eventually leading to full-time employment. As you review my resume, please note that I have thorough technical knowledge of shooting and editing as well as a creative personal style to envision and tell a story through the lens.

In the photo-intensive environment of a newsroom, I know the importance of teamwork and the ability to adapt to different formats. I am also accustomed to the pressures of constant deadlines and dealing with temperamental personalities. When problems arise, I remain calm, think clearly, and resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

In addition, my flexible schedule will allow me to be available on holidays or at other times you may be shorthanded.

If you are seeking candidates who have a strong passion for photojournalism and subscribe to high NPPA standards, I would appreciate your consideration of my qualifications. I am confident that I can make a significant contribution to your photo department and look forward to discussing potential employment.


Thomas Dickens

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