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Photographer/Still-Life Stylist Cover Letter

This applicant wanted a job more focused on sales and marketing. The letter refers, in turn, to his expertise, background, experience, strengths, significant contributions, and interest in an interview.

Sample Photographer/Still-Life Stylist Cover Letter

1237 Main Court • Santa Cruz • CA, 95060 • Cell: 243-543-6767

November 30, 2010
Hiring Agent, Title
Company Name

Dear Hiring Manager:

As a highly motivated, goal-oriented sales and marketing professional with a proven ability to contribute to company growth and profitability, I believe I offer expertise that will be of benefit to your company. With an extensive background in sales, marketing, client relations, and management, I would like to consider putting my skills and experience to work for you as your next [position title].

As you can see from my enclosed résumé, my background encompasses creative experience as a still-life stylist for an advertising production company, as well as the more diverse role of studio manager for a commercial still-life photography studio. As a manager, I held responsibility for building client contacts, developing effective marketing strategies, and closing sales. While directing a staff of assistants and stylists in designing and executing projects, I successfully grew the business from a single cosmetic account to a dozen retail and catalog clients, including well-known companies such as Clinique, Revlon, Lord & Taylor, and Bloomingdale's.

Among my strengths, I have excellent relationship-building skills that have served me well in establishing valuable contacts throughout client organizations. In addition, I possess strong interpersonal and organizational skills and pride myself on the attention to detail I bring to each project. I am also a skilled multitasker and thrive in fast-paced, team-oriented environments.

In the past, the combination of my creative instincts, marketing and sales expertise-and management skills-along with my disciplined approach to project execution, have allowed me to make significant contributions to bottom-line revenues. With a solid track record behind me, I am confident I can do the same for you.

I welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and how I might be able to meet them. Please feel free to contact me at the address and phone numbers listed below.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Michel


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