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Police Constable Cover Letter

This Police Constable had to "apply" for a promotion to Sergeant. Because hundreds of officers applied for the promotion and the letter and resume carried so much weight, the standard one-page length was replaced with a powerful two-page letter that included achievements and testimonials in seven top functional areas. Boldfacing and underlining make these areas stand out. Italic is used for the important testimonials. This candidate got the promotion over more than 200 other officers.

Sample Police Constable Cover Letter

John Michel
1237 Main Court • Santa Cruz • CA, 95060 • Cell: 243-543-6767

January 12, 2010
Dear Sir/Madam,

It is with great interest that I submit my qualifications for the Promotional Review Board. I am a highly skilled and highly regarded police officer with recent experience working as an Acting Sergeant and considerable international leadership experience. In all capacities, I have consistently distinguished myself as a dedicated, well-organized, and highly capable leader.

In addition to the experience and expertise outlined in the attached resume, I offer strengths in the following specific areas:

  • Leadership-Through my current role as Acting Sergeant with the Augusta and Pinehurst Community Police Services, and additionally from my experience in Kosovo as the Chief of Border Police Unit, I have demonstrated strengths in leading officers through example, coaching, and the clear communication of expected performance standards. In delegating responsibilities and specific tasks to subordinate officers, I am mindful of developing officers and ensure that they are part of the team. I provide leadership by example, showing compassion and respect for fellow officers while maintaining good guidance and direction.

  • Communications Skills-My communication is clear and concise, and I have excellent listening skills. In Kosovo, I was responsible for representing our United Nations Border Policing efforts in politically tense meetings with Yugoslav, Macedonian, NATO, and UN representatives. These meetings were extremely volatile at times, and required the highest levels of diplomacy, clarity, and interpersonal expertise. "Mr. Turcott enjoys a natural ability to interact and converse well with people of all walks of life. His interpersonal skill is the trait that is far superior and the envy of many." Everson W. Summerset, Inspector Chief of Training for United Nations Mission in Kosovo

  • Organizational Skills-I have consistently been commended for my organizational and logistical skills. While in Kosovo, I effectively managed all resources and coordinated the activities of 130 officers and 60 police vehicles across five international border crossings. Most recently, I reviewed and updated 433 ARPS files on outlaw motorcycle gang members and their associates.
    "There were always logistical problems and bureaucratic issues to be handled. These circumstances never deterred Turcott from accomplishing his mission, even under difficult circumstances" Willis B. Redfield, Senior Case Agent, Narcotics Division New York Police Department

  • Above-Standard Proven Work Record-As a Uniform Officer, I maintain one of the highest levels of statistics with regards to drug and criminal investigations within my division. Additionally, I am consistently identified for special projects and investigative work within my division, the Intelligence Unit, and other police services.


  • Dedication-Extremely self-motivated and driven to succeed, I have a consistent desire to improve skills and exceed expectations. Proven flexibility and adaptability.

  • Self-Discipline-I was personally selected by Division Inspector to develop, coordinate, and implement a 6-week Street Level Drug Investigation within the Pinehurst community. As Officer in Charge, I successfully managed budget allocation, vehicle rentals, and undercover buys, and directed junior and senior officers in the execution of all search warrants.

  • Conflict Resolution-I successfully created a 130-officer Border Police Unit in Kosovo, requiring advanced conflict-resolution skills in a post-war restoration scenario. Given that no such police unit existed in the region when I arrived, our presence in such a volatile region created considerable conflict among residents and the international police officers I was responsible for training and supervising. In spite of these obstacles, I was able to create an effective Border Police Unit covering five international border locations between two sovereign countries.

    "[Officer Turcott's] sensitive, honest, and positive team approach garnishes the mutual respect between himself and others that permit effective conflict resolution."
    Everson W. Summerset, Inspector Chief of Training for United Nations Mission in Kosovo

I am confident that my work experience, reputation, and dedicated work ethic will exemplify the type of officer you require. Thank you for your consideration.


John Michel Turcott #544

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