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Sample Project Manager Cover Letter

Joseph Hall
1902, X Street, Madison Avenue, • Los Angeles, CA-90001 • (123) 456-7890


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Dear [Mr. / Ms.]:

Completing projects to achieve strict time frames within set budgetary limitations in this competitive and challenging industry requires a unique blend of management, leadership, business development and technical savvy. Throughout my career I have gained extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in the design and integration of business solutions for a diverse client base, quickly ascertaining resources, personnel and solutions to optimize business performance and deliver customized solutions that have exceeded corporate goals and client expectations.

I am a firm believer in leading by example and can provide you with exceptional management, problem-solving and leadership competencies, which would ensure my ability to spearhead innovative strategies for your clients. My enclosed resume highlights my professionalism, commitment and proven competencies, to which I add the following achievements:

  • Championed creation of strategic project-management methodologies; mentored project managers while successfully delivering rapid implementations of solutions that recaptured customer confidence and total satisfaction with project results.

  • Propelled completion of numerous process-redesign and business-solutions-integration projects through exceptional insight and project-management competencies.

  • As a proactive manager, implemented a participative management style to revitalize and optimize staff performance levels and encourage collaboration toward the achievement of project goals and objectives.

In addition, my abilities include

  • Utilizing strong communication, interpersonal, negotiation and presentation skills with the proven ability to communicate with people from a diverse range of backgrounds.

  • Applying consistently my creative, solution-focused work ethic and dedicated approach to all tasks and undertakings.

I thank you for your consideration and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs of your company and further demonstrate my ability to deliver effective solutions for your organization and client base.


Joseph Hall


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