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Real Property Administrator Cover Letter

The opening paragraph explains the applicant's reason for seeking full-time employment, and the second paragraph indicates his credentials, interests, skills, worker traits, and experience.

Sample Real Property Administrator Cover Letter

David Harris
609 West Main Street • Albuquerque • New Mexico, 87109

Attn: Human Resources

I am an energetic, early-retired, gotta-find-something-to-do administrator who wants to put my experience and know-how of the real estate business to work for you. Having languished in several temporary jobs recently, I have found this planned, "temporary state of being" unsatisfactory. I'd really rather put my expertise to work full-time.

Not too long ago, I completed certification as a Real Property Administrator at City Community College, and while there, I also took a basic computer operations course. Several years earlier, I acquired my sales and broker's licenses and worked for a few real estate companies, but found the travel outside of Yale to be a bit much. The challenge of putting this licensure to work in a management or administrative capacity seems much more suitable to my tastes and talents. I love the business and enjoy meeting and talking with all kinds of people. I am a person who likes to plan, organize, and implement—a good formula, I think, for a position with your company. Having supervised and maintained three large facilities for an international petroleum firm, I am well qualified.

A personal interview at your convenience would be most appreciated. Please contact me at the above number or address. Thank you for your consideration and reply.


David Harris


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