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Regional Manager Cover Letter

Because this letter was sent to a sales recruiter, the writer used a cartoon and an informal font for the applicant's name to make the letter stand out from all the others recruiters get.

Sample Regional Manager Cover Letter

John Michel
1237 Main Court • Santa Cruz • CA, 95060 • Cell: 243-543-6767

SalesFinders, Inc.
453 Ashland Court, Suite 285
Providence, RI 01976

I am writing to you for help in locating a new job in sales. Your name was in a directory of recruiters.

Currently I am employed as an Assistant National Accounts Manager for Revlon Corporation. My account responsibility is for CVS Pharmacy drugstores, located in Woonsocket, RI. CVS is Revlon's #4 account.

I've been in Providence for almost five years now—and I love it! I want to stay in New England but want to work in an organization where I can better use my creativity and skills to build a topnotch sales department. I'd like to do that as a Regional Manager.

My experience is broad in all areas of sales. Through my development of promotional campaigns and business analysis, I also have marketing experience. People enjoy working with me because of my fun, outgoing personality.

My attached resume and summary sheet describe what I am seeking in my next career move. My current compensation is over $70K, with a base salary of $65K and a 10% bonus.

I would be happy to answer any questions or provide any clarification you may need. Thank you for your consideration as you review your clients' requests for new employees.


John Michel


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