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Researcher/Educator Cover Letter

This applicant was nearing the completion of her Ph.D. She had gained extensive experience throughout her short career. This letter sums up her experience and what she has to offer.

Sample Researcher/Educator Cover Letter

Joyce Palmer
456, X Street, Y Avenue, • Manchester, NH-03104 • (123) 456-7890


Jimmy Andrew
123,25th Street, MA, 011, Boston
Cell: 132-234-9856

Dear Mr. De Andrew:

With the pending conferral of my Doctor of Philosophy, I am seeking a position as Researcher / Educator with your university and believe my academic accomplishments, extensive research and teaching expertise would certainly be transferable to this role.

My enclosed resume demonstrates my

  • Distinguished record in teaching and technical innovation achieved through conceptualisation, development and implementation of flexible delivery style learning techniques. I have lectured to several campuses simultaneously through ISL (Distance) Education and through self-developed Online Course Web pages, and I am proficient in the operation of numerous popular software applications.

  • Expertise in applying sophisticated quantative and qualitative research methodologies demonstrated in working towards successful completion of Ph.D.; numerous self-researched/published writings; continued professional development and conference attendance; and extensive research assistant work, utilising SPSS, N*VIVO and NUD*IST.

  • Exceptional interpersonal, communication and presentation skills. Able to build and maintain strategic relationships with students and colleagues from diverse backgrounds. Recognised as a positive role model, teacher, lecturer, tutor and mentor.

  • Facilitation of proactive classroom environments, encouraging active student participation to further enhance learning outcomes. Committed to holistic student development and learning experiences.

  • Visionary, goal-driven work ethic, combined with solid team collaboration competencies and individual strengths utilising sound follow-through and detail orientation to plan and achieve projects from concept to successful conclusion.

Given the combination of these competencies, I am confident that I have developed a professional resourcefulness and personal diversity that will enable me to become a productive member of your faculty. Your consideration of my qualifications and academic and professional accomplishments will be appreciated.


Joyce Palmer


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