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Sales and Marketing Position Cover Letter

The opening paragraph is a miniprofile, and the second paragraph indicates the value this applicant placed on a bachelor’s degree and career growth. Bullets point to areas of experience and success.

Sample Sales and Marketing Position Cover Letter

Gary Hudson
36 Grade High Apartments, Dallas, Texas 75389 • Tel. No: 123-654-7788

January 23, 2010

8322, North 22 St.
Carlisle, MA 209,
(652)-562 7220.
Attention: Ms. Stefa Kales

Dear Ms. Hatten:

Achieving sales and marketing success in today’s competitive marketplace requires a creative and strategic thinker who has the ability to establish profitable relationships, accelerate revenue growth, and maintain value-added service.

The company I left in 2000 was quite healthy, but despite record sales and profitability, there were few challenges on the horizon. I could have drawn a fine salary while serving secure accounts, but I was motivated to seek greater challenges. So I resigned in order to complete my B.A. in Business with an emphasis in Marketing as quickly as possible since this was my new chosen path.

Let me assure you, however, that I can make a compelling presentation of my candidacy whether I am selected for a position or not. My background encompasses research, development of categories of questions, creation of forms, merchandising, and displays. My innate ability to know what to ask allows for finding the most efficient way to improve procedures. Whatever the task—research, brand management/ recognition, sales—it is my constant focus until completed.

Highlights that may be of particular interest include the following:

  • Integration of diverse business practices, systems, and infrastructures to create top-performing organizations.
  • Success in leveraging advanced technologies with core business operations.
  • Cross-functional expertise in sales, new business development, and general management.
  • Introduction of innovative marketing, business development, and promotional strategies that accelerated growth within existing business units and delivered revenues beyond projections.
  • Realignment and expansion of third-party distribution network, capturing 20% revenue growth and strengthening competitive market position.

I understand that I may not be able to enter the marketing or brand field at a managerial level. All I am asking for is an introduction to one of your clients. Communication skills are one of my strengths (I continually take public speaking courses at various colleges), and I possess the will to succeed.

At this point in my career, I am interested in exploring new opportunities where my creative drive and energy can be further utilized and where I can continue to grow professionally. Thank you for your consideration.


Gary Hudson

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