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Sales Position Cover Letter

The second paragraph is a brief career summary that explains why the applicant is searching for a new position. The third paragraph indicates his worker traits, skill areas, and technical orientation.

Sample Sales Position Cover Letter

Robert Smith
1234 East 69 Street • West Van Buren, Chicago • Illinois, 60697 • Cell: 327-354-8956 •

Attn: Human Resources Department

Attached is my resume for your review and consideration for employment; I would like to use my talents and expertise in the areas of sales and/or management.

After earning my BSBA degree from OSU in 1985, I immediately began a career in sales. Years later, I was approached by the owner of a family business and asked to join forces with him to assist in his growing construction business. This proved to be a successful endeavor, and I am proud of my contributions to the expansion of this company. Unfortunately, with growing concerns about the economy, downsizing became inevitable; thus, I am exploring employment opportunities that will utilize my experience, skills, and knowledge.

As an outgoing, enthusiastic person who easily develops good relationships, sales is an area in which I excel. My sincerity, in addition to a good sense of humor, contributes to my “approachable” demeanor. Because I am technically inclined and a quick study, I am able to comprehend the intricacies of company products and pass along this knowledge in a clear, concise manner to my clients. Being detail-oriented and organized is beneficial in record keeping and scheduling business calls.

I would like to bring these attributes to your organization and assist you in meeting future goals. A personal interview would be appreciated; please contact me at the telephone number listed in my letterhead to schedule a time for us to meet. Thank you for your interest. I look forward to your reply.


Robert Smith

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