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The centered, italic, underlined, unconventional first sentence captures interest immediately. The first three paragraphs support the assertion. The end of the fourth paragraph echoes the unique claim.

Sample Sales Representative Cover Letter

Gary Hudson
36 Grade High Apartments, Dallas, Texas 75389 • Tel. No: 123-654-7788 • Email:

January 7, 2010

William Kales
8322, North 22 St.
Carlisle, MA 209,
(652)-562 7220.

Dear Mr. Kales:

I am your competitor’s worst nightmare.

Right now, they are hoping that you will not hire me as a sales representative for your company-they know what damage I can do to their bottom lines.

Since acquiring my BA in Communications, I have worked in outside sales for office systems companies and currently for a national manufacturer of robotic products. In each job, I have far exceeded established quotas, earning top sales awards and accolades from upper management for these achievements.

How? I love sales … I love to succeed. And because I do, I am motivated to learn all I can about the product, what competitors are selling, what market trends are indicating, and what the individual client wants. Listening intently and taking careful note of a client’s surroundings have brought great rewards when it comes to negotiating a sale. Persistence and determination are my credo; I want to be the best rep they’ve ever worked with.

I am looking for a dynamic company that offers a good product line, favorable work environment, advancement opportunities, and fair compensation for results produced. You may be that company, and I may be the sales talent you need- someone capable of “scaring” your competition.

So, let’s find out.

Please contact me at the above number to schedule a convenient time to meet.

Thank you for your consideration-

Gary Hudson

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