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Senior Marketing Executive Cover Letter

This individual wanted to relocate to the West Coast. Italic draws attention to the centered heading and statement requesting confidentiality. Italic in the last paragraph makes the position evident.

Sample Senior Marketing Executive Cover Letter

Arnold Den
64, East 6 Street, • Lewistown, Montana, 03278, • (194)-465 0217


Your confidentiality and consideration of the accompanying information is requested.


Building corporate value is my expertise… value measured in aggressive strategic marketing in existing and new market sectors. Whether challenged to launch the startup of a new business unit or product or to introduce innovative marketing programs for repositioning or branding purposes, I have achieved results.

My strengths lie in my ability to conceive and implement the strategic marketing plans to identify new market opportunities, initiate product and service introductions, and negotiate strategic alliances to drive domestic and global market expansion and revenue/profit growth. My challenge has been to expand and strengthen market presence through the introduction of a diversified portfolio of new business development, advertising, and public relations initiatives. I have instilled a sense of entrepreneurial vision and creativity to drive forward innovative strategies to win competitive positioning and accelerated revenue growth.

Although enjoying my current position, I am exploring opportunities as a senior marketing executive with a progressive organization active in international expansion where I may continue to provide strong and decisive marketing leadership. I would welcome a personal interview to discuss how my qualifications would benefit your organization. Thank you for your consideration.


Arnold Den


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