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Technical Designer Cover Letter

This response to an ad begins with a paragraph that both introduces the applicant and indicates the targeted position. The middle paragraph states the applicant's Navy experience and reason for seeking employment.

Sample Technical Designer Cover Letter

403, 6th avenue • Montgomery, AL - 35112. • (659) 846 - 9466

March 29, 2010

14, West 88 Street,
ATTN.: Recruiting Manager
Burlington, Washington. 03274,
(618)-495 0327.

Dear Recruiting Manager,

Let me start by introducing myself and informing you of my intentions for employment. I am currently searching for an immediate full-time position as Designer, and in response to your ad posted at, I am enclosing my resume for your review.

I held a Technical Designer position with XYZ Company and was part of that group for a year. Unfortunately, because of work reductions, a surplus action was initiated, resulting in my permanent layoff. Prior to working for XYZ Company, I joined the United States Navy, where I learned to work with gas turbines, along with all other duties required of a technician.

If you are seeking an individual who is as career-committed as it takes to achieve total success, please consider what I have to offer. I would be happy to have a preliminary discussion with you to see if we can establish a mutual interest. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I certainly look forward to exploring this opportunity further. Sincerely,

Ryan Gale

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