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Traffic Accident Reconstructionist Cover Letter

The applicant was a retired highway patrolman who wanted to go into accident investigation for insurance and law firms. The writer developed this letter of introduction for the new company.

Sample Traffic Accident Reconstructionist Cover Letter

Paul Smith
2365 S Mayfield Ave • Chicago, IL 60652 • Cell: (123)-555-1234

This letter is to introduce Darwin E. Tohalt, Accredited Traffic Accident Reconstructionist. As a retired highway patrolman and a member of the Major Crash Investigation Unit, I possess the knowledge, specialization, training, and experience to investigate and analyze traffic accidents beyond the normal investigation performed by the police.

Attached is a professional profile that highlights my qualifications. I have investigated and reconstructed hundreds of accidents involving passenger and commercial vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. These credentials will render my opinion in court as an "expert" in traffic accident reconstruction. My experience extends to consulting with attorneys and insurance companies in any accident case, for the prosecution and defense, along with civil cases representing both the plaintiff and the defendant. Also, I have performed extensive research and evidence documentation.

There are many areas of an accident that can be analyzed. Vehicle speed is the most common issue, and there are several methods, including speed from skid marks, conservation of energy, crush damage, and conservation of linear momentum, that can be applied. There can be questions of collision avoidance or the ability of a driver to see a hazard. Most accident cases require that several issues be analyzed and correlated so that an overall picture of the situation can be presented. Computer programs are used to assist in reconstruction of accidents. These programs are very complex and require considerable training to use them correctly. Various types of scale diagrams, photos, animations, and scale models are prepared.

There is no set fee for the reconstruction or analysis of a traffic accident. My services are provided on an hourly fee basis. A simple situation may take very little time, while a complex situation may take several days just to collect the required information. Then there is the time required for trial or deposition appearances. There is no charge or obligation for the initial review and consultation on any traffic accident case. With this review, a cost estimate can be provided.

From responding to an accident scene, to documentation and preservation of the evidence, to determination of vehicle speeds or avoidability, to courtroom presentations and exhibits, I can assist you in all of your needs for traffic accident reconstruction.


Paul Smith


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