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Travel Industry Professional Cover Letter

This letter was e-mailed in response to a job posted on the employer’s Web site. The letter, a brief overview of the candidate’s skills, got an immediate reply. An interview occurred the next day.

Sample Travel Industry Professional Cover Letter

Robert Smith
1234 East 69 Street • West Van Buren, Chicago • Illinois, 60697 • Cell: 327-354-8956

Dear Hiring Manager:

For as long as I can remember, I have had a talent for keeping things well organized and operating efficiently. Post-it-Notes, schedules, databases, and Excel spreadsheets are a part of my everyday life. I bring order to clutter and structure to chaos.

If you feel that these skills and talents would prove to be advantageous to the Macy's West Visitors Center, then I would like to schedule a time for us to meet.

In addition to strong organizational skills, I offer you:

  • more than five years of experience in the travel, hospitality, and tourism industry
  • strong computer skills with a knack for Internet research and database creation and management
  • a solid work ethic and a commitment to giving whatever it takes to get a job done, right and on time

My professional office skills and strengths are complemented by a positive, can-do attitude, excellent listening skills, and a sense of humor. I have built an extensive network in Las Vegas and have assembled a diverse blend of personal and professional references to attest to my abilities.

I hope you will see what a valuable addition I would make to your team of professionals and phone me. I can be reached at 555.555.5555 or 555.555.0000. Thank you for your consideration.


Robert Smith

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