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Vice President of Finance and Administration Cover Letter

To indicate the applicant's breadth of experience and high standards, the writer provided in the center of the letter a quotation in italic from one of her performance reviews. The reader's eye goes right to it.

Sample Vice President of Finance and Administration Cover Letter

Jesica Fox
403, 6th avenue • Montgomery, AL- 35112. • (659) 846 - 9466

February 21, 2010

81, North 54 Street,
Clewiston, Florida, 03247,
(328)-421 0569.

Dear Hiring Professional:

In response to your search for a Vice President of Finance and Administration, I bring more than 20 years of extensive experience in all areas of Finance and Administration, as well as Information Technology and Human Resources.

I am an extremely high-energy and innovative manager who leads by example. I consistently produce strong results with a high degree of integrity, dedication and organized communication skills. My track record speaks for itself; I have been involved in virtually every area of an organization, and have made substantial contributions wherever I have been. One of my former bosses had this to say about me in a review:

    Lisa is at the high end of the exceptional scale. She has exceptional management skills, intelligence and people skills. She has done an exceptional job in a wide variety of areas. She is extremely capable as an individual and as a manager and leader. Her entire group exudes a "can-do" enthusiasm.

I spoke with Sam Barlow, a Board Member Emeritus of The Community Foundation, about the position and my interest and excitement about it. I know Sam from my volunteer work at the Unity Church, as he is President of the Church Board. He too was enthusiastic about my potential fit with your organization and thought that I could help you reach your goals.

My interest in moving to the nonprofit world is genuine; I have spent years in corporate environments, and since I went back to school have had a chance to better define where and how I want to contribute my talents. I have become very involved both in my church and as a volunteer in the bookstore, technology and fundraising committees and on the technology and finance task forces of the organizing/steering committee for the Illinois Institute of Noetic Sciences.

My resume provides further details of my accomplishments. You will note that I have progressed in responsibility levels throughout my career. I look forward to discussing yet another career opportunity with you, and will contact you next week to arrange a meeting so that we may discuss the organization's needs in greater detail.


Jesica Fox


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